Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren Quoted: Second-Generation Immigrants to Canada Earn More Than Canadians

A new study conducted by researches at several prominent Canadian universities (including the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of Western Ontario), second-generation immigrants in developed countries like Canada, the United States and Australia tend to be more successful with respect to wage earning than the “mainstream” population.

According to the report, “In all three countries, the economic status of second-generation Chinese, South Asian and other Asian groups is higher than that of the mainstream population in the same group. The mainstream population aged 25-30 has average household incomes of $56,000 in the United States, $50,000 in Canada and $47,000 in Australia. In comparison, the Chinese second-generation household incomes are $67,000 in the US, $63,000 in Canada and $57,000 in Australia.”

Our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren was quoted in the Yahoo News article about the study, saying:

“Often governments are short-sighted in crafting policies focusing on just the credentials of the applicants themselves rather than the potential benefits their offspring can bring.”

He continued: “Immigration benefits are not always immediate. Children of immigrants schooled and raised in Canada with the strong work ethic of their immigrant parents is a powerful combination. Unfortunately, government policy is too short-sighted and many applicants are refused visas who would likely contribute through their children.”

Immigrants in Canada bring generations of taxpayers to our shores. Many immigrants to Canada come to Canada to provide their children with a better life and more opportunity. In return, the children end up being successful wage-earners.
This study can be a great lesson for all Canadians, new and “mainstream”. While many headlines are focusing on underemployed immigrants and immigrant poverty levels, there is actually a very good chance that the children of immigrants will grow up to be successful beyond their parents’ wildest dreams.


Michael Niren

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