Immigration Legal Fees?

By Michael Niren July 20, 2020 2 min. read
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Wow. That is a sentiment I have heard from time to time from people seeking immigration help.

A common complaint that I have heard over the years goes like this: “I hired an immigration lawyer. He impressed me. I paid him his fee and now I can’t reach him and have no idea what is happening with my file” Or “I paid the law firm a lot of money, and I got nothing for it”

That is really an unfortunate occurrence that happens all to often. From the perspective of the law firm, the sad thing is client dissatisfaction is really a curable disease.

People, when hiring an immigration law firm or any service provider for that matter, want two things:

1. Attention

2. Results

Let me say that again:  Attention. Results.

Attention to Immigration Clients

Now when it comes to attention, there is just no reason, no excuse for not providing clients with timely responses to their inquiries, their questions or concerns. With emails, instant messaging and other forms of communication, it never has been easier to be in touch with clients.

And these days, going beyond expectations by reaching out to clients to tell them what is happening with their cases is really what is expected. A simple phone call or  email is all it takes. Such gestures show you care and you are on top of their cases.

Just no reason these days not to communicate.

Getting Immigration Results

Not always easy. Not always possible. But something that always can and must be attempted. It’s our obligation and duty. But getting results can be achieved by doing three things.

1. Knowing your stuff

2. Knowing how to get results from what you know

3. Keeping in touch with clients to make sure you have the most updated information about their cases on an ongoing basis.

Notice how Attention is part of the formula for Results. Ignore your clients at your peril because by not keeping in touch with your clients and their always changing situation, your legal strategies could be rendered irrelevant and ineffective.

The point is that in order to maximize your clients’ chances for results, you have to communicate with them. Attention and Results go hand in hand.

I never want to hear a client of mine saying things like “I have been ignored. I didn’t get what I paid for”. Of course, as in life, there are no guarantees when it comes to results. But if lawyers follow the formula outlined above, the odds are in everyone’s  favor.

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