5 Famous People Who Have Had Immigration Problems

The problems often associated with immigration are nothing new and certainly does not exclude those in the spotlight. Here is a list of 5 well documented immigration cases that involved 5 very famous people.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

They were served with Deportation papers in 1972. Lennon  should have not been let into the country. He had been previously charged with possession of marijuana in 1968. US law states that no one with a criminal record was allowed to come live in the country.

Lennon was ultimately given 60 days to leave the us and Yoko Ono was granted permanent residence. Lennon was then awarded a green card in 1976.

Cat Stevens


A British singer formerly known as Cat Stevens was barred from entering the U.S. He was placed on a no fly list and abruptly taken off of a flight to Washington. There were suspicions that he was associated with potential terrorists. His flight was diverted to Maine, where FBI agents detained him.

Michael J Fox


Tried to enter into the U.S. His visa had not gone through yet so he experienced some nervousness. The visa eventually came through and everything was fine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Violated his work visa by working as a brick layer while he was also working as a body builder on a B1 visa. Three years later he received the  resident visa which would then allow him to work as much as he desired.

Salma Hayek


Was in the U.S on a visa, it expired and she continued to stay in the U.S. After some time passed she returned to Mexico (her home country) and renewed the visa. She now lives and works in the U.S.

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