Benefits of Becoming a US Citizen

By Sierra November 16, 2020 3 min. read
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Are you currently living in the United States but not a legal US Citizen? You may want to think about applying for US Citizenship soon! Becoming a US Citizen after you’ve planned to settle in the US indefinitely comes with its number of advantages. These advantages include:

The road to US Citizenship can be a long journey for many foreigners and in recent years, there have been numerous people upset that some of those non-citizens aren’t given the right to vote in an American election, after all, it is there home too!

Unfortunately, this has been a continuous issue for years with no telling if these rules will ever change. So let’s get you ready for the next election in 2024!

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Apply for US Citizenship?

Voting in America is super important and there are many reasons why you should vote! Once you have received your US Citizenship you are given the power to decide your quality of life for yourself and later generations. This is the time to vote on where your tax dollars are spent, public transportation, minimum age, etc, and most importantly, you are able to vote in the presidential election.

The United States is a nation bound not by race or religion, but by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality. For years, the US has welcomed newcomers from all over the world and immigrants have shaped the country we are today. By becoming a U.S. citizen, you too will have a voice in how our nation is governed.

It is a huge deal to apply for US citizenship and you will be given the chance to demonstrate your commitment to this country and our form of government.

On average it takes about 8 months to get your US Citizenship from when you start the process. Although you have 4 years until the next election, it never hurts to be prepared incase anything roadblocks affect your process!

Steps to US Citizenship by Naturalization

To become a naturalized US citizen, you must pass the naturalization test and complete the naturalization process. Those steps are:

  1. Determine if you are already a US Citizen
  2. Determine if you are eligible to become a US Citizen
  3. Prepare your Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization)
  4. Submit your Form N-400 and pay your fees
  5. Go to your biometrics appointment (if applicable)
  6. Complete the interview
  7. Receive a decision from USCIS on your N-400
  8. Receive a notice to take the Oath of Allegiance
  9. Take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States
  10. Understanding US Citizenship

To many, that list may seem daunting but becoming a US Citizen is worth it!

Are Interested in Applying to Become a US Citizen?

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