False Accusation Results in Illegal Immigrant’s Arrest And Deportation

The Toronto Star published an amazing column this week detailing the ordeal of Brazilian immigrant Husteclaber Cardoso, and his subsequent deportation when his name was run by police after they were called to his door for absolutely nothing. 

Husteclaber Cardoso came to Canada in 1993 on a visitor visa, which expired. Upon the visa’s expiry, Cardoso made a refugee claim and was denied. But he still remained in Canada, albeit illegally – still working a steady job, paying rent and his taxes.

According to his sister, Cardoso has troubles with alcohol and the help available to him in Canada had the most potential to save his life – far more so than what was available in Brazil. She had raised him, and moved to Toronto herself in 1987 after marrying. They were just waiting for Cardoso to deal with his alcohol problems so proper immigration proceedings could begin and he could become legal.

But that’s when a child in his apartment building began to cry. Husteclaber Cardoso’s next-door neighbour accused him of holding a child in his room, called him a pedophile and called the police.

When the police came, they soon discovered all the noise was coming from a child in the building, safely with his mother, simply throwing a tantrum.

But the police had to run Husteclaber Cardoso’s name, finding him to be illegal. After being detained for 10 weeks, he was deported. All for a simple oversight.

The column makes for an excellent read, but it is a very sad story.

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Michael Niren

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