Denied entry to Canada

Have you been denied entry to Canada, or know someone who has? It can come as a huge surprise when this happens, and it can be very disappointing. It does not matter what your plans were, whether you spent lots of money on an expensive skiing trip in Canada or you had a family emergency. If you are denied entry, you cannot enter the country, and you must return home. Denied Entry to Canada

The most common cause of being denied entry to Canada is having a criminal record. The type of criminal record does not generally matter, but it is up to the border officials in the end if you can enter Canada. In the past, people who have had very old convictions on their record or a criminal record for a minor offense have been denied entry, and you could even be denied entry if you have charges pending.

What are my options when I am denied entry to Canada?

Someone who is denied entry to Canada has different options depending on what their personal situation is. For example, someone who has been denied entry to Canada because of a criminal record could be eligible to apply for criminal rehabilitation or a Temporary Resident Permit in order to overcome their inadmissibility.

We are a licensed immigration law firm that has helped many people enter Canada who were previously facing immigration obstacles and other difficulties like criminal inadmissibility. If you are criminally inadmissible to Canada, or you worry that you may be criminally inadmissible if you try to enter the country, please give our immigration law firm a call – we can help you!

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