Changes to the Guide for New Immigrants in Canada Includes Focus on the Queen

The Canadian government has announced its guide for new immigrants in Canada. The Guide  has several changes from the last version which was introduced six years ago. This particular version is twice the length of the previous version, and highlights several things that weren’t focused on heavily in the past version.

How the Guide for New Immigrants in Canada Focuses on the Monarchy

new-immigrants-in-canadaSome of the focuses of the new Welcome to Canada guide book are the Queen and the role of the monarchy in Canada, marriage in Canada and the Canadian Forces. The book is given to newcomers when they arrive in Canada by various settlement services while it will also be available online as a downloadable e-book.

Guide for New Immigrants in Canada Focuses on Marriage Fraud

For the first time ever, the book tackles topics such as marriage fraud and human smuggling, as the Canadian government has recently launched a huge add campaign against marriage fraud. This guide book also describes polygamy as being outlawed in Canada, using more plan language to describe the practice. The Guide for New Immigrants is different than the Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship book, which is used as a study guide for people taking their citizenship tests. However, both booklets tend to overlap. What’s most interesting about this guidebook, or perhaps about previous guidebooks, is that this is the first time Canada is described as a constitutional monarchy, including photos of Prince William, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II. A new section also talks of Canada’s military history in the First and Second World Wars and describes how immigrants can serve for Canada.

A Must-Read Guide for New Immigrants in Canada

The guide will be officially released on Tuesday. Do you have one of these guides? What surprised you the most? All new immigrants in Canada as well as individuals considering immigrating to Canada should read this guide! To find out if you are eligible to become a new immigrant in Canada, fill out our Free Online Eligibility Assessment or book a consultation online.

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