Canadian Embassy in Singapore – Singapore

Canadian Embassy in Singapore – Singapore

Street Address:
Canadian High Commission
Immigration Section
One George Street, 11-01
Singapore 049145

Mailing Address For Canadian Embassy in Singapore:

Canadian High Commission
Immigration Section
Robinson Road, P.O. Box 845
901645 Singapore
(not for courier)

Tel.: (65) 6854-5946
Fax: (65) 6854-5874 and (65) 6854-5876



Additional information about this Canadian Embassy in Singapore:
The Canadian Embassy in Singapore is also responsible for handling immigration applications from surrounding countries including Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. The Canadian Embassy in Singapore also handles visitor applications from Brunei.

A large number of Canadians travel to Singapore – almost 83,000 every year. Thousands of students from Singapore also choose to come to Canada to study, keeping people-to-people relations in both countries exceptionally strong. Both countries also have similarities when it comes to being very multiculturally diverse nations.

Should You Contact a Lawyer First…?

It is important to remember that when applying for Canadian Immigration, you are required to submit your application to the Canadian Embassy of your nationality. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. You should always contact an immigration lawyer to assist you with the procedures associated with the Canadian Embassy of your region because the Canadian Embassy in Singapore may have its own set of special rules and procedures.

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Michael Niren

About Michael Niren

Michael is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section and the Associate Member of the American Bar Association. Read more

  • vijay nair krishnan

    Hello and greetings
    I just applied visa to Canada and scheduled to sit for the Pharmacist Evaluation Examination which is scheduled on the 5th and 6th of July.Unfortunately I just learned that my visa has been refused due to some unforeseen circumstances.What must I do to rectify this problem?Shall i prepare an appeal letter to the embassy,or reapply or just try to rectify the problems which the embassy has sent back to me by post through e-mail? I have an invitation from the PEBC to sit for the exam.I hope to hear from you asap as my exam is around the corner.
    Thank You

    • Immigration Lawyers

      Hi Roshan,

      Thank you for contacting us at VisaPlace! I am so sorry to hear your application has been denied. We have helped thousands of clients obtain visas even after their first attempt without our help was denied. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you get answers to all of your questions, plus it will increase the chance of getting a visa approved. Please, complete this form for me it is just a quick and easy way for me to learn more details about your situation so that I will be able to advise you accurately and determine the best avenue for us to take to give you the best legal advice.

      The above response is for informational purposes only and does not form a lawyer-client relationship nor should it be construed to be legal advice.

  • Huu

    Hi there,
    I am an employee at IRCC in Canada, I have married a Vietnamese women and applied under spousal sponsorship. She did the interview and the officer told her to go home and wait 5to 6 weeks to get a result. It has been 12 weeks now and we still have not received anything. I find it hard to see how unpleasant to live like this and they do not want us to et reunited. I am a loyal and trusted person but why are they doing his to us like they are not trusting us? I really need help here

    • Muga Rajbhandari

      Hello Huu. It does not seem fair. We will need to know more about the details of your situation. I am going to suggest that you contact us to make an appointment to talk with one of our immigration professionals who will be able to plan the best strategy for you. You can book an appointment by calling us at 1-416-410-7484 or online at
      Regards, Muga

  • Joan D.


    I’ve been following your posts and updates from time to time, and I found your blog helpful. Upon reading the comments and enquiries of people with the same problem, I would just like to add some questions to their enquiry:
    1. If I don’t have a job offer but want to apply as an immigrant, what documents should I prepare? Amount of money in hand?
    2. I am aware of the new program by the Canadian Government called Express Entry, does this guarantee that the applicant will get a job or they will find a job for the applicant base on their qualifications?
    3. What is the required IELTS band score for Architectural/Drafting Technologist?
    4. If I were to hire an attorney to process my documents, what chances are getting my application approved?
    5. I’ve already taken the assessment test as posted on your website, but couldn’t get far because I haven’t taken the English test. The initial assesment result was I am eligible. Does this guarantee anything?

    I hope you can help me with my inquiries. Thanks.

    • Mira Freiwat

      Hello Joan,

      Thank you for your post. Just to clarify some of the points you have mentioned;

      1. A job offer from a Canadian Employer is a mandatory requirement for Express Entry. You cannot apply without it. For the Settlement Funds that you will need to show, it all depends on the amount of applicants that you will include in your Online Profile.

      2. As mentioned, it is your responsibility to obtain employment in order to be selected for Permanent Residency.

      3. For IELTS score you will need a overall 7 or greater.

      4. Your chances of success are always greater when you go through a professional!

      If you need more detailed assistance, I strongly recommend that you book a consultation with us so that we can better guide you through this process. MF

  • tani

    Hi. My problem is that I have received Canadian student visa but with wrong duration of academic session. My program will start when my visa will expire. I dnt know what to do about it. Can you please suggest me, how the Singapore office usually solve such problems. I am from Bangladesh and applying once again is a complete hazard 🙁

    • Mira Freiwat

      Hello Tani,

      Thank you for your post. I think you should contact the embassy that issued you the Student Visa as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada and see how this error can be fixed. You will need to provide documentation that your Student Visa was approved for the start date mentioned in your acceptance letter and request that the error be corrected immediately. MF

  • TK.Sivadas

    Sir I have been working in Singapore for the last 8 years . Recently I received a email notification for a job position which I signed in. Last week I recieved the Contract Agreement from the Employer named Turner Construction Company , Ontario, Canada ( position of Project Engineer ).
    I was asked to sign the agreement and i was told that the processing fees for my visa need to be payed myself. This will be reimbursed on arrival on Canada.
    Sir please guide me that how genuine will be this job offer. How fast can I get a job in Canada. The job offer I received from the above stated employer is it a genuine one. Please guide me.

    With regards,

    • Mira Freiwat

      Hello Siva,

      Thank you for your inquiry. It is very difficult for me to determine if this job offer is genuine because I do not know what types of jobs you have been applying for and we do not affiliate ourselves with other companies offering employment. Maybe you can try searching their website online and getting some information that way…I think you are a smart individual and can determine if an agency is real or a phony. MF

  • Edwina Jaime

    Dear Sir /Madam,
    I would like to go to canada for tourist what is the requirement I need to prepare? I plan to go there next year by the month of August currently I’m working in Singapore as a Nurse.

    • owen

      Hello Edwina,

      In order to obtain a TRV, you will require a variety of documentation which shows that you intend to return to your home country following your visit to Canada. Once you partner with us, we will provide you with a complete list of documents that you will require. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  • I beg most respectfully to state that I am Bangladeshi citizenship .I
    want to go to Canada.I need Canada work permit .How to obtain me
    Canada work permit. So kindly information get urgently .Where and how
    to Canada work permit.

    • owen

      Hello Mustafizur,

      Thank you for the inquiry. We would be happy to help you obtain a Canadian Work Permit, as we have done for many clients in the past. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  • Bee Ann

    Hello good morning! Am i eligible in working in canada because i really want to migrate here.What will i need to preapare if ever? i am a registered nurse in the philippines currently i am working at nursing home with 200bed capacity as a nursing aid here in singapore for 2years.i really wanted to migrate in canada.

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald

      Hello Bee Ann,

      We would need some more information from you in order to assess your eligibility to come to Canada.
      Please fill out our online immigration assessment form and one of our experienced immigration professionals will review your information and respond within 24 hours.

      Sarah Jane

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Canadian Embassy in Singapore.

  • M lakhbeer from India bt now m working in singapore as a asistance in home.My workpermit finishing in june.My qualifacation +2after 3year diploma(Electronic communication Engineering, Ielts in 5band, six month Hardware computer course, six month Beaution course. all are from india Bt in singapore I have done computer basic,Microsoft word,wordExl,power point nd General English.Can i apply a work permit in canada?

    • Hello
      In order to apply for a work permit in Canada, you need a job offer first. Do you have one? If so, you may qualify under the LMO processes.
      If you don’t have a job offer you need one first before considering applying for a work permit

  • Shawie

    Hi Sir/madam,

    I would like to know if my documents are required to apply as a nanny in Canada. I completed
    My high school level in my country (philippines). 9 months care giver course in singapore, 3 months volunteered at one of the nursing homes in singapore with certificates and Diploma Travel, Tourism & hospitality management @ one of the university in singapore. Is their anymore requierments that i need to complete it? Hoping and waiting for your kind reply.

    Sincerely yours,


    • Michael Niren

      Hello Shawie

      Thank you for your question. If you apply as a nanny (live in caregiver) you would need to show your proof of education, experience as a live in caregiver or the equivalent and a job offer that is approved by Service Canada from your Canadian employers. There are other documents and information needed but those are the basics.


  • aby

    I would like to inquire about working as a nanny in canada? I completed 6 years elementary and 4 years high school in Philippines and now I completed my Diploma in Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management here in Singapore for 7 months. Am i qualified? thanks.

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Aby

      To qualify as a nanny in Canada you need to have completed high school plus one year of live in Care giver experience or a 6 month course that is related to live in Caregiving. I do not think your Diploma meets the requirements.

  • How can i apply for being a dependent visa in canada?

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