Canadian Embassy in Lebanon – Beirut

Street Address:

The Canadian Embassy
Immigration Section
434 Jal El Dib Highway
Coolrite Building
Jal El Dib

Mailing Address For Canadian Embassy in Lebanon:

The Canadian Embassy
Immigration Section
P.O. Box 60163

Tel.: (961-4) 713-900
Fax: (961-4) 710-594

E-mail Address: [email protected]


Additional information about this Canadian Embassy in Lebanon:

The relationship between Canada and Lebanon is unique because of both a large Canadian population in Lebanon and a large Lebanese population in Canada. Lebanese immigrants have been arriving in Canada since the late 1800s, and Lebanon lays claim to the title of largest source country of Arab immigrants to Canada, where the Lebanese population is about 270,000.

Should You Contact a Lawyer First…?

It is important to remember that when applying for Canadian Immigration, you are required to submit your application to the Canadian Embassy of your nationality. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. You should always contact an immigration lawyer to assist you with the procedures associated with the Canadian Embassy of your region because the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon may have its own set of special rules and procedures.

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Michael is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section and the Associate Member of the American Bar Association. Read more

  • Christapor Oknayan


    I am a Lebanese citizen living in Lebanon. I want to ask the following question: Are there Canadian sponsors, who want to sponsor a Lebanese citizen to live in Canada and build his future there?

    Thank you.

    • Immigration Lawyer (rachel)

      Hi Christapor,

      Thank you for contacting us at VisaPlace! Sponsorship to Canada typically comes from a family member or employer. If you have family in Canada or obtain an offer of employment, you may be eligible for sponsorship to Canada. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you get answers to all of your questions, plus it will increase the chance of getting a visa approved. Please, complete this form for me it is just a quick and easy way for me to learn more details about your situation so that I will be able to advise you accurately and determine the best avenue for us to take to give you the best legal advice.

      The above response is for informational purposes only and does not form a lawyer-client relationship nor should it be construed to be legal advice.

  • kassem

    hi what i need to visit canda & work there

    • Immigration Lawyer (rachel)

      Hi Kassem,

      Thank you for contacting us at VisaPlace! Depending on your qualifications, there are a variety of ways you may visit or work in Canada. We would need to learn more about your case to help determine the best pathway for you. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you get answers to all of your questions, plus it will increase the chance of getting a visa approved. Please, complete this form for me it is just a quick and easy way for me to learn more details about your situation so that I will be able to advise you accurately and determine the best avenue for us to take to give you the best legal advice.

      The above response is for informational purposes only and does not form a lawyer-client relationship nor should it be construed to be legal advice.

  • Eddie

    We applied for spouse sponsorship in May, 2015 including everything. They requested another medical back in April, 2016 and since then I haven’t got any update. Can we know if it’s normal to complete 5 months after medical without any update?
    16 months completed already and my country’s normal processing time is 14 months.. what do you suggest?

    Thank you

    • Muga Rajbhandari

      Hello Eddie. Processing times are estimates; sometimes they may take longer. You may want to contact the office that you submitted your application to to see what stage the application is in.
      Regards, Muga

  • Mohamad Jarmak

    Hello, I’m lebanese and want to apply for a study permit but I don’t know how to prove to the officer that I be returning back to Lebanon when I finish my education because jobs here are rare.
    Also, I have my funds for tuition here in a lebanese bank, but I’m not sure if I need to open a canadian bank account and transfer the money there.

    • Muga Rajbhandari

      Hello Mohamad. A study visa is one of the most difficult to obtain because the reviewing officer needs to make 100% certain that you will return home after your studies are complete. Many people who attempt to apply on their own, may face problems. If you need help with your application to make sure that you are not making any mistakes, and so that you will have a legal team taking care of all the matters that may arise, then please contact us to book a consultation with one of our immigration professionals. You can book an appointment by calling us at 1-855-886-8472 or online at
      Regards, Muga

      • Mohamad Jarmak

        Do I need to submit a copy of my Diploma with my study permit application of I’m going to study for a master’s degree?

        • Muga Rajbhandari

          Hello Mohamad. The instructions on the study permit application may be confusing at times. If you need help with your application to make sure that you are not making any mistakes, and so that you will have a legal team taking care of all the matters that may arise, then please contact us to book a consultation with one of our immigration professionals. You can book an appointment by calling us at 1-855-886-8472 or online at
          Regards, Muga

  • Salma

    Hi I’m a Canadian citizen I applied for my husband 7 months ago and he did the interview 3 weeks ago how long should we wait more?

    • Muga Rajbhandari

      Hello Salma. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the length of time that you will have to wait. Once they have made their decision, they will contact you.
      Regards, Muga

  • antranik kahkejian


    i want to ask about traveling to Canada ,i did the medical tests 2 months ago and the interview 1 month ago and all that is about Permanent Residency card, the consul tell me the you will travel after few weeks,is that will be more than month?and when i check online about the file number on Canadian embassy services it still in progress can i know why?

    • Muga Rajbhandari

      Hello Antranik. If you have been told that your file is in progress, that is a good thing. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. I know how frustrating it must make you feel.
      Regards, Muga

  • Fatima

    Hi I’m Fatima,
    About a year ago I applied for my husbands permanent residence and he got a call last month for his interview. The interview was a quick 15 min one and the woman who interviewed him said that she has accepted his application but did not inform him when the visa will be issued. She said that they will be contacting him soon!? It’s already been a month and we’re still waiting, do you know how long it could take for the visa to be issued? And when it is issued do you know how long we have to leave Lebanon?

    • Vahe Mirzoyan

      Hello Fatima. Thank you for writing to us. You must always have patience when dealing with immigration matters. At some point you will be asked to submit your medicals. When that happens, you know you are getting closer to your goal. When you do receive your Permanent Residency cards, you must arrive in Canada before the expiry of your medical certification; that date will be in your visa.
      Best of luck, Vahe

  • johny

    so im lebanese and i want to apply to study permit to canada from lebanon, do i have to do the medical test?

    • Vahe Mirzoyan

      Hello Johny. You may be asked, it is up to the reviewing officer’s discretion. If they feel that there is a risk that you will be a burden on the health care system, they will require a medical exam. If you need help with your applications to make sure that you are not making any mistakes, and so that you will have a legal team taking care of all the matters that may arise, then please contact us to book a consultation with one of our immigration professionals. You can book an appointment by calling us at 1-855-886-8472 or online at
      Regards, Vahe

  • mohammad hassan abdul salam

    i am refugee from Syria and i want to immigrate to Canada
    i filled the application with all necessary information but now i don’t know where to mail it
    now my family live in Lebanon so can they send the application to Canadian embassy in beirut
    thx in advance

    • Mira Freiwat

      Hello Mohammad,

      Thank you for your post. I can definitely assist you with this process, but prior to you submitting your application, I would strongly recommend that we discuss it to ensure your forms are complete to ensure the success of your case. Kindly complete this form for me Mohammad as it will provide me with some details about you and your situation so that I can learn about your case. Once your form has been reviewed, you will be contacted. MF

  • Mimo

    I met someone in lebanon 2 years ago and been there 4 times this year to visit him. I want to bring him to canada on a visit visa but he doesnt have a job that can be claimed in the application.

    I want him to come for min 3 months with $10 000 in his bank to come.

    For the application, if he has owner ship of car, letter from father stating he has built apartment above their home will this be enough for them to accept? Or there has to be a job?

    • Mira Freiwat

      Hello Mimo,

      Thank you for your post. We can definitely assist you with this and determine which is the best way for him to come and Visit you here. But in order for me to do so, I would need to learn more about him and his credentials. Kindly complete this form for me including all of his details to that I can advise you accurately. I will contact you once I have reviewed it. MF

  • Maher

    I’m applying for Federal skilled worker from Lebanon. In the application, what should I put in the field “Immigration office requested for processing this application”?

  • Ali N

    I submitted my sponsorship application to the Canadian embassy in Beirut along with all supportive documents and medical test, April-2013 they received my application and did assessment to my wife in Canada, she got accepted and my file was transferred to canadian embassy in beirut for further processing.
    April-2014 they started processing my application, after two weeks they emailed me to provide them with updated police clearance, I email them back with the police clearance and asked about my application status they said that Please be advised that we are waiting for the results of the security check. Once received, we will be able to finalize your file and you will be contacted accordingly.

    From your previous experience when police clearance check is finished?
    hope I can hear from you.

    • Hello There,

      Usually you need to send the original police clearance to the Canadian Embassy, not the copy. And it expires within one year. Thank you

  • Roula A

    Hi sonia
    Thank you for your reply. It,s a sponsorship for wife and kids. It was send to the canadian embassy in lebanon on september 2013 and the medical examination was requested and done and was received by the canadian lebanese embassy 2 months ago. Uci: 59669650.
    Thank you again for your help
    Thank you

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald

      Hello Roula,

      I have passed this information on to Sonia for you.
      You will be contacted soon,

      All the best,
      Sarah Jane

  • Roula ayoub

    i’m Roula Ayoub, how many time should take my visa after doing the medical test.
    I did my medical test one month ago with my 3 kids. My husband is in montreal.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hello Roula,

      Thank you for your question. Can you please advise us as to what application you have submitted for immigration to Canada and what Embassy/Consulate that application was submitted to. With this information we will be able to advise you further.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you

  • Ali

    Hi . I have a sponsorship application in order for my husband that is in Lebanon. He was deported nine months ago. After a refugee application was Denied . We file the application 11 months ago of , and we still have not heard from the embassy we were wondering how long it would take before we can apply for arc for him to come back . As at list a visitors visa , tell his sponsorship application can be ready.?

    • Hello Ali
      ARCs can take many months to process. You can file the ARC with your application or subsequently. ARCs are not easy to get approved. You have to make a very strong case. Consider getting professional assistance

  • Jack

    Dear Michael
    Thanks so much for the reply, my friend she’s been married for 17 years without kids and will be visiting Canada alone! She has absolutely no family ties in Canada.
    When she applied at the embassy, the agent told her her application was complete.
    Why does they’re website says “processing times” is 29 days when obviously thats not the case?

    • Hello Jack

      Your welcome. Many times what is said online is not the case and it will vary from case to case. Your friend’s case seems strong but to us to really know, we would have to represent her.

  • Jack

    Hi everyone,

    A friend of mine applied for a tourist visa back in early october 2013 but still without news if he’s application was approved or not.
    Is this waiting period for a tourist visa in lebanon normal?

    Thank you and happy holidays.

    • Hello Jack
      That is a long waiting period indeed. There could be some security background checks that are in process that are holding things up. If this is the case, it could be many more months until his application is finalized.

  • Mona

    Hello , i applied for sponsorship and my application has been received on September 2011. The visa office in Beirut contacted me in october 2012 by email asking for updated medical exam and police report.unfortunately the email went to junk and I knew nothing about it till they sent my husband an email end of february asking for those papers and they gave us 2 weeks to send them.we did and just a few days ago they updated my status ,now it says that it’s in process and they started processing it on march 18 and medical was received.i am now in Canada on a visit visa since July and I have extended my stay just a month ago..I would really like to know whether I’m almost’s always better than being away from my husband but tough not being able to work or study etc…I wanna know if this delay has affected the process …I expected any status update or any inquiries would be posted on my account not sent to email..

  • Carol

    Hi ,I would be very grateful if you would reply on my question as it is very important to me,Thankyou. I have gained the approval to immigrate to canada in 2009 but I couldn’t travel at that time and I had to miss this chance for personal reasons,(as I Had to take care of my sick mother and couldn’t leave her alone in syria) but now I would like to have this chance again and immigrate to canada ,would I benefit from my old file in the immigration office? especiall after the situation here in syria is getting hard?

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Carol

      If you missed your visa validity for immigration, then you would have to apply again for the visa unfortunately. Did you keep copies of your old file? It may assist you in preparing a new application but it depends on the category under which you originally applied.


  • Jenan

    Hi michael, its been a long time since ive talked to you, but im here to tell you that yesturday my husband did an interview with an officer at the embassy in lebanon yesturday and they pulled a 2hr interview with him and after he was done they told him he is approved and had succeeded in the interview. He asked them after the interview when he would recieve his visa and they told him it could take a while perhaps up to 2 weeks, a month to 6 months all depends. They asked him for a second medical examinating because his last one was a year and half ago and they also told him they will be doing a security check aswell. They told him they will send me an email in regards to when he should do his medical exam and that they will contact him. What im confused about is when they sent me the scheduling of his interview they asked for his passport and seems like they didn’t ask for it during or after the interview. What does this mean? i would like to know what is going to happen next. Please help me

    Best regards,


    • Michael Niren

      Hello Jenan

      Did you get that email from the Embassy yet? Security checks also can take a very long time especially for applicants from the Middle East. Let me know what the status of his case is.

  • Garo

    Hello Michael, I am Lebanese Citizen who is married to American Citizen and have no children yet and live in Lebanon for the past 3 years… We have been thinking about (permenently migrating to Canada) How long does the prosses take and (would the prosses be any different since im married to an American Citizen? Would there be special forms for us to apply? Thank you for your time Michael Niren…

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Garo

      Thank you for the post. The process for Canadian PR can vary but generally one year. You would have to get an assessment as to your qualifications to determine if you are eligible for Canadian PR first.

  • Sara

    My name is Sara and I am Lebanese. I applied for a student visa at the beginning of November and received a phone call earlier this week. I was told to collect my answer the following Thursday 27th December from the embassy (as there will be public holidays for Christmas). I was not told whether my visa application was successful or not. In order to make use of the limited time I have before my university is due to start in Canada I would like to know if I got the visa or not. How should I find this out? I have tried calling the embassy but there is no answer. I would appreciate your help.

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Sara
      This is frustrating but you should just follow their instructions. They likely have not yet made a decision on your case and want additional information first before making a final decision.

      Good luck!
      Michael Niren

  • Jenan

    Hi michael, unfortunately i still haven’t heard anything yet…can u please send me an email regarding some information about all this i need to know what is going on with my husbands papers..i called the embassy in lebanon and they said they cannot give me any info regarding the application because they have no access to it i think its ridiculous….it didn’t cross my mind that the email would go to the junk email. But please reply to me asap.

    • Michael Niren

      Hi Jenan.

      Thank you for the update. I will look into this for you.

  • Jenan

    Hi, Michael i have read your comment and i sent an email to the I still haven’t heard anything about my application its been a year already. A lady replied to my email and asked for my husbands name and i gave it to her about 5 days ago and i still haven’t heard anything. The embassy in Lebanon has no contact number so there’s no way i can reach them. I went to the embassy while i was back home 2 months ago and they wouldn’t let me in even though i am Canadian citiizin. They asked me to fill out a form and after a month or so they sent my husband an email regarding his application and they said they are still working on papers from June 2011, and that his file is still in Que and they will inform him as soon as they reach his file. Please help me on trying to speed up his file what should i do?

    • Michael Niren

      Hi Jenan

      Thanks for the update. Let me look into this further. If you still have not heard back let me know. Check your spam or trash folder on your own email. It is possible that our reply might have gone there.

      Thanks Michael

  • firas younes

    I am Lebanese working at petroleum company ,received invitation from a Canadian company to Attend a training course in Canada ,i would appreciate your advice to guide me how and where To apply for visa since i am working outside Lebanon so time is very important for me to Meet the to meet the intended date of the training course

    kindly appreciate your prompt reply to my email .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Firas younes

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Firas
      Thank you for the question. You can apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) at your nearest Canadian Embassy depending on where you are located. You do not need to apply in your home country for temporary visas. The TRV application must be prepared properly showing that you have ties outside of Canada and that you intend to stay in Canada for a legitimate purpose and a temporary duration.

  • Nadine

    Hello i would just like to ask a question, basically the canadian embassy asked for my last procedures which i finished while i was in Lebanon, right now im in canada, i was wondering if they accept my file do i have to be in lebanon in person to receive my visa or can lawyer go and get it for me? Or can the embassy send it by mail to canada

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Nadine

      It is possible that the Embassy can mail you your visa. But depends on what kind of visa, why you are in Canada and other factors.

  • Jenan

    Hi my name is Jenan, i live in canada and i applied for my husband back in november of 2011, he got approved in canada after 4 months and now his papers are in beirut lebanon. It’s been 4months and i still haven’t heard anything and they haven’t even contacted my husband for anything. i contacted my lawyer and he said he wouldn;t have any answers because his part is done here in canada. im going to lebanon in a few days i was thinking of going to the embassy and make an appointment with them…please give me some answeres.

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Jenan
      Thank you for your question. Your husband’s application is taking a long time. I would be more agressive in trying to contact the Embassy. They are always backlogged but we should be able to find answers. You can contact us at [email protected]

  • george fidaoui

    george fddaoui is contacting the visa office in lebanon on behalf of my wife who i sponcered back in august 19 2010 would like to know the statis of the sponcership of vivian abdallah fiddaoui,to confirm that all documents are presently at ur visa office in lebanon,if so please confirm and,email me back it would be greatly appreciated. thank u and hope to hear from u vey soon.i havint seen my wife in 18 months please see it into conserderation and feel 4 us both.this is very hard for both of us,there’s notting more beautifull in this world than two couple’s who r very much in love and are far from each other.ilived in canada all my life and i know that canadian people are kind and good hearted.pls help bring my wife 2 me.thank u canada.

  • Vivian Abdallah Fiddaoui


    My name is Vivian Abdallah Fiddaoui.
    I was informed that my application was received by the immigration office in February 2012. Since then I have not heard anything.
    Please let me know what the current status of my application is.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Dear Vivian,

      Depending on the type of application, the processing time might be longer than you expect. However, you can always ask a qualified immigration lawyer to follow up on the status of your application. We would like to assist you for this matter but we would require more information from you.

      Thank you.

  • fetnat el afiouni

    hi my file number is B060496785 can i know the status of my application plz !!

    • Dear Fetnat,

      I suggest you consult with a qualified immigration lawyer to follow up with Immigration regarding the current status of your application.

      Thank you.

  • AOUAD Elsie

    A qui de droit,

    Je suis Elsie AOUAD,née en 20 janvier 2012, mon numéro du dossier est B057149035.

    Je voulais savoir l’état de mon dossier.

    Je vous prie d’agréer l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.

    Elsie AOUAD
    le 29 mars 2012

  • Christiane

    I’m Christiane. I want to immigrate to Canada. Please make an appointment for me and my husband for any advice.

    Thank you.

  • abdallah mona

    I’m Abdallah Mona and my file number is B058378843. I want to know the status of my application.

  • abdallah mona

    I’m Abdallah Mona and my file number is B058378843. I want to know what happend with my application .

    Please contact me at this email:[email protected]

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