Canada Warns Foreigners of “Immigration Agents” in India

By Ella Bergquist August 2, 2019 4 min. read

The capital of Canada, Ottawa, recently launched a campaign in India to inform and warn prospective immigrants of using immigration consultants in India. Ottawa is located in Ontario but close to Montreal and the US border. The majority of Canadian laws and regulations are made in Ottawa which makes this warning very serious.

The immigration department’s spokesperson, Shannon Ker, stated that this information campaign is the department’s first paid media campaign. “As more Indian nationals choose to come visit, study and work in Canada, more people are falling victim to unethical consultant practices. Many are spending their hard-earned dollars and, in some cases, their life savings on consultant services where they don’t even end up with a visa in the end,” Ker told the Star in an email.

“Applicants, their families in Canada and stakeholders have shared with us how this issue is undermining confidence in the immigration system and keeping families apart. Many of these consultants are encouraging applicants to make repeat paper applications, containing the same information, which makes the whole network less efficient.”

This issue in India of having incompetent consultants or immigration lawyers has been ongoing for many years. India is one of Canada’s major source of immigrants for workers and students. The Indian immigrants that come to Canada help attribute to the country’s economy so having so many refusals due to misrepresentation is a problem that needed to be addressed. Source – The Star

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