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New Visa Alert: Canada Releases a Visa for Hiring Specialized Foreign Workers

Canada Workers

Canada has been waiting many years for a fast-track visa to be in place for foreign workers, well the day has come.

June 12th was the first official open day for the Canadian government’s Global Skills Visa Program. It is designed to allow high-growth firms to attract foreign talent within a two-week span rather than the former year long process. With many foreign workers moving their interest from the US to Canada due to the political fire that the US is currently under, it has never been easier to convince foreign workers to work in Canada. High-growth Canadian companies that need to access global talent in order to grow can apply. The process is relatively easy, but it starts with a Canadian corporation finding a foreign worker they would like to apply for. Once the company is approved, they become part of the Global Skills Visa Program.

“The Global Skills Strategy will allow Canadian employers, who are investing in people and skills here in Canada, continuing to grow by attracting top talent from around the world,” said the Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. “Whether it’s developing a new product line or leading a new sales team, bringing in the best and the brightest from around the world will result in more good-quality, middle-class jobs for Canadians.”

The official name for this fast track visa is the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The Global Talent Stream is open to all foreign workers with both managerial and executive experience. The program promises a process time of 10 days to two weeks for high-skills talent. This two week process time also applies to the immediate family members accompanying the workers to Canada. The past foreign skill programs have taken up to a year to process.

“We are excited by the Global Talent Stream which we think is fantastic for Canada’s technology sector. It will ensure companies have the ability to attract, hire, and retain top global technical talent quickly and efficiently,” said Sascha Williams the COO at Unbounce. “As a longtime advocate for driving more growth and competition in Canada’s technology space, Unbounce is thrilled by today’s announcement and grateful to have been part of the dialogue along with several other Canadian technology leaders.”

The Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is just one of the steps of the government’s Global Skills Strategy. The strategy’s overall goal is to help Canadian businesses attract global talent. The Canadian government has also been looking for referral partners across Canada with “significant insight and knowledge” to refer appropriate companies to the Global Talent Stream service channels.

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