My Husband was Deported from Canada. How can he come back?

My husband, a Mexican citizen, was refused for refugee protection and he appealed for the federal court for revision. His  lawer said it was refused but he never got a letter from CIC. He waited for the PRRA but he never got it. (HIs parents were here for the same reason under the same case but they got the PRRA and the removal order and they left Canada). My husband was expecting to get the removal order but he never did. My husband went to CIC office and an immigration officer told him to leave voluntarily before getting the removal order. My husband is now in Mexico, but he wants to come back with me. I hold a study permit  (I am not a refugee claimant) and I applied for permanent residence and included my husband. The immigration officer told him that he needs to ask for a Canadian Pardon. We dont know what to do, onr how to do it. Now, as Mexicans we need to ask for a temporary resident visa. This complicates things. We dont know if we can trust a lawyer now because we already went to two and we think they did not do a very good job.


As a failed refugee claimant, your husband has been deemed deported and will require what is called an “Authorization to Return to Canada” (ARC). Since you are applying for Canadian permanent residence and have listed him as a dependent husband, he would be eligible to accompany you to Canada subject to criminal and medical checks. However, because of his immigration history, he will require an approved ARC as well.

Michael Niren

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  • Jeannette

    Hi. I’m Jeannette from Colombia. I married a portuguese and canadian permanent resident. I Got the permanent residence from here. The plan was to settle down in Toronto and Hold a master. I applied Before For student visa But was denied, thats Why we decided to get married. We Had problems and When i went there he previously talked with imigration and he stopped the sponsorship. I was deported immediately. It was on Jan 2013 and Still want to Study there maybe with a student visa. What should i do? how much and how long Is going to take the process? THanks in Advance and im looking forward to hear From you soon.

    • owen

      Hello Jeannette,

      Thank you for the question. I am sorry to hear that you were deported from Canada. Although this is a complex situation, with the assistance of one of our experienced immigration lawyers, you will be able to maximize your chances of being permitted to enter Canada. Please fill out one of our free online assessment forms and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  • miko

    hello, my name is Mike, I am from Mexico, I was deported from Canada 2 years and half, so got and offer job, so I applied in October 16th 2014, and after 3 months later, I received and email from the Embassy of Canada in Mexico that they ask me for and airway bill, because they want to send me something, so I pay that airway bill, and after 4 days I receive all the documents ( originals and copies ) that I included in the application but just that, any letter or explanation about what is going on, and it has been 8 months of any answer or news from the Embassy of Canada in Mexico, so I don’t know what is happening with my application, so what can I do? I sent an e-mail to the Embassy and they don’t answer yet.

    what can I do?
    how to know about my process?

  • Tina

    My husband got deported 7 years ago 3 weeks after we got married. He got arrested for domestic assault. When he was in jail they find out he was here for 3 years after his visa expired when I went to court they asked me if I was in the process of sponsoring him I said no so they decided to send him back to st Lucia they said he could not come back for 3 years. So I was wondering how or what I can do to get him back here? I’m going to sponsor him but is there a way to get him back well I do it so he is here with me and our two kids?

    • owen

      Hello Tina,

      Thank you for the question. Your husband may need to apply for a Pardon, as well as an Authorization to Return to Canada. This is a somewhat complex process, and it would be highly advisable to speak with one of our experienced immigration lawyers in order to maximize the chances that you will be able to return to Canada. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  • Nalinee

    Hi My name is nalinee,

    My mother was deported 17 yrs ago to guyana, it was a deemed deportation order. What would i need to do to get her back to canada.

    • Hello Nalinee

      17 years is a long time. You can invite your mother as a visitor to Canada but since she was deported, she should apply for an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada). ARCs are not easy to get but since your mother was deported a long time ago, she will likely be approved.
      Best of luck

  • joao vidal

    i am portuguese and was deported on a aggravated felony from the united states. since portuguese dont need a visa 2 visit, does this apply for me aswell. and if i eventually decide i want 2 move there will it be difficult 2 do?

    • Michael Niren

      Hello Joao
      Thank you for your message. Since you were deported, you will need a Waiver to return to the USA

  • Anthony

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    • Michael Niren

      Hi Anthony
      Thanks for sharing that very interesting story. For visas and immigration I would rely on making the best case possible under the regulations. But whatever works for you!

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