This Week in Canadian Immigration: June 2nd, 2017

Each week we collect stories related to Canadian immigration, and we provide a brief summary of each story in our weekly blog edition. Below you will find snapshots of stories that range from the ongoing changes in Canadian immigration laws to success stories. We then give you fresh links at the bottom that link to each story within our summary. Let’s dive in!

Breaking Canada Immigration News


Recently the entry rules for Canadian dual passport holders changed which mean that Canadian consulates in several countries overseas are experiencing an “unprecedented influx” of applications for passports. This intense, sudden increase in applications created weeks-long processing delays and stress for expats. Nathan Schwarz was born in Canada but both he and his daughter are dual citizens of Canada and Australia. “Traveling overseas is stressful enough, but this is making things significantly worse,” says Nathan. Schwarz, his daughters, and partner have booked a five-week vacation trip to Canada but then came across a hurdle. He found that one of his daughters would be barred from boarding the plane until she carries a Canadian passport as well as her Australian passport. Canadian dual citizens have been advised to have and keep a valid Canadian passport to avoid any issues entering Canada.

CBC News


Last year, the U.S. Department of State issued a new guidance on visa revocation for foreigners with drunk-driving arrests and/or convictions. In the past, drunk-driving issues have not caused immigration-related problems but recently, they have been an invitation for visa revocation. Candian citizens do not have to obtain a visa stamp in their passports before entering the U.S. As long as the Candian citizen are deemed eligible by U.S. Customs and Border Protection as a visitor, student or temporary worker, they are allowed to cross the border without a visa.  In order for individuals to have their visas revoked, they must have been arrested or convicted of one offense related to driving under the influence in the past five years. Visa revocation means that the visa will be revoked without a formal determination that the visa holder is now then on, inadmissible to the U.S. 


Last week, we covered a story on a Canadian candidate trying to uphold what she called “Canadian values” by implementing more conservative immigration laws. There has been talking among some Canadians who fear that immigrates who move here don’t share these “Canadian values”, which will send the country into a downward spiral. That particular candidate, Kellie Leitch, only received 7.95 percent support in the election to become the leader of the Official Opposition. People created the World Partnership Walk to show the world what real Canadian values were. The walk was organized by Canada’s Ismaili community. The walk raises a large amount of money to support the Aga Khan Foundation, Canada’s antipoverty, health, and education programs in Africa and Asia. Through the actions and beliefs of the walk, the Ismaili community shattered common stereotypes about Muslims. Now, these are Canadian values that immigrants are upholding in Canada, making it a better and kinder country, one immigrant at a time.

The Georgia Straight


Other Canadian Immigration Stories This Week:

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  2. Francophone immigrants face greater challenges outside Quebec

  3. A New Path Forward to Enhance Consumer Protection and the Effective Regulation of Immigration Services
  4. Immigrants in Canada, and the secrets some of us keep
  5. Visa revocation is new immigration wrinkle

  6.  A conservative ‘common man’ set to challenge Canada’s, Trudeau

  7. World Partnership Walk reflects the best of Canadian values

  8. Rare Express Entry Draws For Skilled Trades and PNP Nominees With Lowest Ever CRS Score

  9. Gander talks immigration, peace, and chocolate

  10. Last minute prep for UK Spouse Visa
  11. Canadian immigration consultant says merge CIP with tax residency

  12. Candidate’s Call to Save ‘Canadian Values’? Un-Canadian, Critics Say

  13. Chinese lawsuit alleges multi-million dollar Canadian immigration scam

  14. Canada rolling out welcome mat to visitors, skilled workers, students

  15. Canada just increased data sharing with international spy partners

  16. Understanding Common-Law Unions; An Immigration Perspective

  17. Retired CRPF officer back in Canada after being denied entry
  18. Canadian visa process is more like a lottery than fair decision-making

  19. Owners Of Canadian Passport Can Get Vietnam Visa In Ottawa, Canada

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