Scott Walker’s Idea of a Border Wall Between Canada and the US

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Scott Walker U.S. Presidential candidate has stated that if he were to be elected president he would consider erecting a fence between United States and Canada. Now, we have heard of a lot of crazy ideas from the candidates of both parties but to me this strikes me as the most ludicrous of all. Canada and the United States have enjoyed a prosperous relationship for decades. Especially since the Free Trade was enacted.

Canada Is Not a Threat to the US

Canada is not a threat by any measure to the United States. Canadian citizens and Americans share very similar culture, we travel back and forth between our borders and there’s just no justification to think about the idea let alone to implement it by a fence. Now I know this concept has arisen because of Donald Trump and his idea to erect a fence between Mexico and the United States. I don’t believe that that’s a solution either, there are obviously more problems with Mexican Inflow into the United States. There have been some terrible incidences where illegal immigrants have committed some crimes.

Erecting a Fence Is Not the Solution

It’s an overblown problem in my opinion, it’s terrible when it happens, but I don’t think erecting a fence is a simple solution to the problem. Border security is definitely an issue and it has to be addressed and I’m not denying that, but this video is really about Scot Walker’s crazy comment. And on that ground alone if I were an American I don’t think I would vote for him because if someone has such crazy idea what other ideas are brewing around. In any events, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Canadians shouldn’t worry, American’s shouldn’t worry, I think our border is going to be maintained as it is and at best it’s entertaining to listen to such ideas.

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