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Are you Eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker program ?

BACKGROUND: The Quebec Skilled Worker program has no list of eligible occupations. If the criteria set out by Immigration Quebec are met, individuals will qualify for the program regardless of their occupation or field of expertise. The Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration program is different from other Canadian immigration programs in that it involves two steps. […]

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Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program has re-opened

This week Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program has re-opened and accepting upto 500 applications under International Skilled Worker Category – Express Entry category. However, 500 cap was filled with in 3 days. It’s important to prepare your application ahead of time with your legal representatives to be able to submit before application closes. Especially PNP nominees […]

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Renouncing Your U.S Citizenship

  Thinking of renouncing your U.S citizenship? Since the 1960’s, U.S citizenship laws have changed – simply voting in a foreign election would automatically revoke a person’s status. While certain laws have made revoking status a bit complicated, this has not impeded people to expatriate. There are many reasons why you may choose to do […]

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