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Canada Welcomes Foreign TV, Film and Dance Workers

Are you a foreign performing arts professional? If you work in television, film, theatre, or dance, entering Canada may become much easier for you as of February 17, 2016. Here’s why foreign workers in the performing arts will want to work in Canada in the coming months: More Jobs Will Be LMIA-Exempt As CIC News […]

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Niren and Associates Wins 2016 Top Choice Immigration Law Award for 7th Straight Year!

We are very proud to announce we won the Top Choice Awards (TCA) for the Top Immigration Law firm in Toronto for the SEVENTH YEAR in a row! We have our clients and our great, dedicated staff to thank! Our mission is to keep serving YOU! This award is a testament to our staff’s commitment […]

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5 Myths About Canadian Permanent Residency

Avoid These Five Myths of Permanent Residency Dealing with the bureaucracy of Canada’s immigration system can be a daunting task. The laws, rules and regulations create a complicated process that results in misinformation being passed around as truth. The following five myths are common falsehoods, all of which can confuse your journey as permanent resident, […]

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