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Live-in Caregiver Program for Canada in 2014

(Below is a transcription of this video) Hi, this is Michael Niren, Founder of, an immigration lawyer. I’m pleased to announce that in 2014, the government has agreed to expand the Live-in Caregiver Program or the For Nanny Program. What You Should Know About the Live-in Caregiver Program They announced that they’ll be processing […]

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Russian and Chinese Denied Visas for International Astronautical Conference

(Below is a transcription of this video) Hi, this is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer and founder of The Globe and Mail this morning reported that Russian and Chinese delegates have been refused a Canadian visitor visa to attend the 65th Annual International Astronautical Conference in Canada. Russian and Chinese Delegates┬áDenied Visas Now this is […]

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10 Most Common Reasons You May Be Denied Entry to Canada

  Few travel experiences are more frustrating, inconvenient and humiliating than arriving in a foreign country only to be denied entry at the port. This is especially disheartening if you have arrived on business or to tend to a family emergency. 10 Common Reasons for Denied Entry Upon traveling to Canada, you may have been […]

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