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Why a 532-page Document Wasn’t Enough Proof For Spousal Sponsorship

How much evidence does it take until the government approves your love?   That’s the situation that Maria Canella and Kurtis Lee Boulianne faced when they received a message from Canadian immigration officials that asked them to send further proof that their marriage wasn’t a scam.   This confused the couple, as they had already […]

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How Newcomers to Canada Pay the Price for Bureaucratic Mistakes

Bureaucracy works best when it melts into the background, remaining an undetected process that takes place behind the scenes to take care of the paperwork and processing of documentation. When bureaucracy fails to do its job, it sticks out like a sore thumb, becoming a source of contention.   Recently, newcomers to this country dealing […]

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Cross-Border Consulting. A Guide To Securing A TN Visa for Management Consultants

Visas For Cross Border Consultants Due to policies that attempt to make sure that Americans have the first shot at any domestic job opportunities, obtaining a visa to live and work in the United States can be nearly impossible unless you meet a specific set of criteria. Typically, the U.S. only grants working visas for […]

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