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How Canada Deports Permanent Residents Who Commit Crimes

deport-permanent-residentsThe Canadian Government’s recently introduced Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act has passed the House of Commons, and if it were to officially pass it would make it easier for the government to deport permanent residents who commit crimes.

Currently, it is difficult for the government to deport individuals from Canada because of procedural delays and appeals. As a result, people scheduled to be deported from Canada remain in the country for longer.

Fast-Tracked Deportation for Permanent Residents of Canada who Commit Crimes

Some of the chances the bill would make include:

  • Families of serious offenders can be denied entry to Canada.
  • The immigration minister can use his discretion to determine which people can or cannot enter Canada – meaning if someone has politics or views that aren’t very popular, they can be kept out of the country.
  • Permanent Residents who have committed a crime resulting in at least a six-month sentence in jail can be deported without appeal.

Currently, only people who have committed a crime resulting in more than two years in jail can be deported without appeal.

What are Examples of Canadian Offenses with Six Month Jail Sentences?

Some examples of offenses in Canada that can come with six-month jail sentences (which are considered minor offenses or summary offenses) include public nudity, vagrancy, trespassing at night, disturbing religious worship, engaging in a prize fight, theft under $5,000, defacing coins, mailing obscene materials, harassing telephone calls and loitering.

While it is understandable that the government should be able to remove dangerous criminals from the country faster, stripping someone of permanent resident status and deporting them from Canada for loitering is not the answer.

Are You a Permanent Resident Who Might Be Deported from Canada?

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