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In-Demand Occupations Eligible For TN Visas

TN Visas For Professionals Obtaining a visa to work and live in the United States is almost always a difficult task, due to the restrictive policies that their government has put into place. Many people from around the world seek entry into the United States in order to get a chance at earning a better life […]

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Why a 532-page Document Wasn’t Enough Proof For Spousal Sponsorship

How much evidence does it take until the government approves your love?   That’s the situation that Maria Canella and Kurtis Lee Boulianne faced when they received a message from Canadian immigration officials that asked them to send further proof that their marriage wasn’t a scam.   This confused the couple, as they had already […]

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How Newcomers to Canada Pay the Price for Bureaucratic Mistakes

Bureaucracy works best when it melts into the background, remaining an undetected process that takes place behind the scenes to take care of the paperwork and processing of documentation. When bureaucracy fails to do its job, it sticks out like a sore thumb, becoming a source of contention.   Recently, newcomers to this country dealing […]

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Canada Visa for Parents Approved 2015

Parent Visa Approved! “I like to thank you Subhihi Siddiqui and Bianca Migalbin for helping us to get our parents visa approved. Finally it got approved and they are here with us now. It wouldn’t be possible without Niren & Associates. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for Canadian visa. They were […]

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Need help Extending your stay in Canada?

How we help people stay in Canada “I really feel happy to have chosen this firm to represent my mother’s application to extend her stay in Canada. Even though the situation was pretty complicated the lawyer assigned to me and her assistant were absolutely great in obtaining a successful outcome. Very professional, extremely supportive, serious […]

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What You Need to Know About BC’s Entrepreneur Immigration Program

British Columbia has unveiled a new path to permanent residency for business immigrants, opening an online registration program that allows potentially qualified applicants to express their interest by completing a comprehensive application package. For experienced business people who can establish themselves in B.C. while investing in and operating a commercially successful business – one providing significant benefit to […]

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What You Need to Know About New Regulations Regarding Spousal, Common-Law, and Conjugal Partners

Canada has announced new changes to immigration laws regarding sponsorship of spouse, common-law and conjugal partners in order to better protect women and at-risk groups. In particular, to protect women against forced marriages for immigration purposes. The changes will apply to all immigration programs, both permanent and temporary.   For any applications made prior to […]

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Why Are L-1 Visas Getting Rejected?  How to Avoid Common Errors

  An L-1 visa is a temporary, non-immigrant visa. Although it is defined as a temporary visa, it can be extended to as many as seven years. L-1 visas are available to employees of an international company with offices in both the United States and abroad, and allows such foreign workers to relocate to the […]

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Why Sweden’s Minister of Employment is Studying our immigration system

Despite a population that’s roughly a fourth the size of Canada, Sweden’s population of nearly 10,000,000 accepts more than double the amount of asylum seekers than the Canadian government does on a yearly basis. In 2013 alone, Sweden accepted 31,220 newcomers to their country while Canada allowed 13,206 in the same period of time.   […]

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CAN+ Program for Mexicans Coming to Canada

(Below is a transcription of this video) Hi, this is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer and founder of The CAN+  Program for Mexican Nationals The Canadian government has made it easier for Mexican nationals to come to Canada as temporary residents or as visitors under the new CAN+ program. The CAN+ program is for eligible […]

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