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Changes in Canadian Immigration policies coming 2015

Just days into the new Canadian Government, immigration and citizenship issues have arisen as one of, if not the most pressing concerns of the Justin Trudeau lead administration. To many, it may not be at all surprising that a Liberal government, that is traditionally regarded as subscribing to more immigrant-friendly immigration policies, relative to the Conservatives, would take a […]

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Are you Eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker program ?

BACKGROUND: The Quebec Skilled Worker program has no list of eligible occupations. If the criteria set out by Immigration Quebec are met, individuals will qualify for the program regardless of their occupation or field of expertise. The Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration program is different from other Canadian immigration programs in that it involves two steps. […]

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International Mobility Program

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that, effective February 21, 2015, work permit applications in LMIA-exempt categories will require additional compliance measures. LMIA-exempt work permits are now referred to as work permits under the ‘International Mobility Program’. One of the effects of these changes will be with respect to the employers of LMIA-exempt foreign […]

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Express Entry comes to British Columbia

The province of British Columbia has developed its own subcategory of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s express entry system. It will allow the province to select candidates that will satisfy the economic needs of British Columbia while also offering individuals the chance to immigrate to Canada without a job offer. The province will nominate candidates who […]

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Express Entry comes to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has implemented a new subcategory of the federal express entry program that is intended for new immigrants to Canada interested in living in Saskatchewan specifically. Those who wish to be considered should ensure they designate Saskatchewan as their province of choice when applying to be ranked in the federal express entry pool. The Saskatchewan […]

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New Changes to the Live In Caregiver Program

Recent Changes announced to the Live in Caregiver program have now been implemented.  As of November 30, 2014 families seeking to hire caregivers for childcare, elder care or care for the disabled will have to go through a complicated process to hire a caregiver. As of November 30, 2014 the following changes have been implemented: Live in […]

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Inter-Country Adoption Immigration Backlogs a Result of Systemic Issues

Canadian couples and their legally adopted children have been stuck in an immigration catch-22 for the past while. The Canadian government will not process visas for children without exit letters and, in the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo for instance, exit letters will not be issued for a child without a valid visa; […]

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Missing Correspondence from CIC Results in Dire Consequences for Applicants

Bashar Kassir, a Toronto resident, applied to sponsor his parents to Canada in the midst of Syria’s civil war so he could be with them and ensure their safety, security, and overall well being. Months later, he received notice that the application had been refused, citing a lack of supporting documents that were allegedly requested […]

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Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act protects the integrity of Canada’s immigration system

The recent changes (as of June 2014) to the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act have already been contributing to the efficiency of Canada’s immigration system according to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. On August 1st that new applications are being processed faster than ever due to the government’s overhaul of the Citizenship Act. The citizenship […]

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Canada has introduced a new immigration program

The town of Morden in Manitoba, Canada has introduced a new immigration program called Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative which is designed to help applicants who do not meet the criteria for existing provincial nominee program streams (ex. Family, Employer Direct, General). For eligible applicants, the town will offer full support to potential immigrants that […]

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