Can Canadians Work In The US?

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Work in the US!

Yes indeed! While Canadians cannot just pack up and move to the US and work, there are several ways that Canadians can obtain a visa to legally work in the US.

The best option for a Canadian who wants to work in the United States may be a TN Visa. That’s because the TN Visa is fast and somewhat easier than with other visas. To begin, you’ll need a job offer from a US company.

Be aware though, that this job must appear on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) occupation list for a TN visa. That list is available here.
If your job does not appear on this special list, you may still have options and be eligible for a work visa in the US – contact us at the form on the right to learn how you can still obtain a visa to work in the US.

TN Visas can be applied for at the border. But, they must first be reviewed by an immigration officer at the border, who will determine on the spot whether you are eligible for a TN Visa – and it can be very inconvenient to be turned down at the border. That’s why you should ensure your application and all supporting documentation are error and omission free.

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Note there are other US Work Visas that may be attractive for Canadians such as the L1 Visa, E2 Visa or H1-B Visa


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3 Responses to “Can Canadians Work In The US?”

  1. Marie-Claude Bennett says:

    I am looking to work in the US as a production assistant on film productions, something I have been doing here in Ontario. It is obviously not a TN-acceptable vacation, and I am unable to obtain a job offer until I’m actually on site. Is there any way for me to make this work? Thank you!

  2. Scott Reid says:

    My girlfriend and I where looking at coming down to work at a ski resort for 6 months and wanted to know what visa would suit us the best thanks

    • Hello Scott

      It depends in where you are living. If you are not from a visa exempt country, you would need a Canadian tourist visa to enter. You can get this at your local Canadian Embassy.

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