Canadian Study Permits a Success for Indian students

The number of Indian students enrolled in Canadian colleges and universities has doubled in just one year, due to higher acceptance rates from the schools  and more study permits issued, because of a joint program between Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).

How Canadian Study Permits help Indian students

The goal of the Student Partners Program, which started last April, was to increase the amount of Canadian Study Permit applications that were approved, as well as increase the acceptance rate of the students to various schools, which is needed to obtain a Canadian Study Permit. All students taking part in the program are still required to undergo the same screening as any other immigrant to Canada who wishes to study in Canada for a period of more than 6 months, and schools are provided with a feedback system to report the failure of any student to show up.

“International students contribute to the cultural life and economic successes of colleges and institutes and of the communities they serve,” said James Knight, president and CEO of the ACCC, “In partnership with the CIC, we have doubled the approval rate of visas for students from India coming to Canadian colleges.”

The program saw that Canadian visa offices in India were able to process applications for study permits in time for the students to begin their studies when school began in September.


•     The total number of international students studying in Canada is 178,000.

•     These students brought $6.5 billion to the economy in 2008.

•     Foreign students studying in Canada created 83,000 jobs for Canadians in 2009.

Immigrants offer so much to the Canadian community, and programs like these help establish life-long learning experiences for students wishing to study in Canada.

Contact an immigration lawyer for more information on Canadian study permits

For more information on Canadian Study Permits or other visas, contact us and learn how our team of immigration lawyers can help you.

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  1. Alicia Kim says:

    Dear Amandeep Singh,

    To apply for a Study Permit, you would need a completed application form (IMM 1294), your valid passport that guarantees re-entry to the country that issued it, two photos of you, proof of acceptance from an educational institution, proof of funds available, and any other documents required by the responsible visa office.

    Thank you.

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