E-B5 Visas for Canadians


Overview of the E-B5 United States Work Visa for Canadians

The purpose of the E-B5 United States Work Visa is to attract foreign capital to the United States, which in turn creates jobs for Americans. This is an investor visa category, with a minimum investment of $500,000 to $1,000,000. 

Requirements for the E-B5 Work Visa

For the E-B5 Work Visa, there are three basic requirements. These requirements are as follows:

1. You must create or invest in a business that was created after November 19, 1990. 
2. You must have invested at least $1 million (although in some cases you may be able to invest $500,000) in this business. 
3. This business must create full-time jobs for at the very least, 10 United States workers. 

The meet these requirements, you may create an original business using the aforementioned minimum investment, purchase and restructure an organization that already exists to create a new commercial organization, or expand and existing business (created after November 1990) with your investment to create the required number of jobs.

Investments can include cash, cash equivalents, equipment, tangible property, inventory and more, all obtained using legal means.

Supporting Documents for the E-B5 Work Visa

When you want to obtain an E-B5 Work Visa, you must include a very large number of different supporting documents relating to yourself and to your business. These documents include:

  • Business plan
  • Articles of incorporation
  • State business licenses
  • Documentation of source investment
  • A statement of position or title and a description of duties
  • Evidence of lease agreements
  • Evidence that the required amount of capital has been transferred
  • And more.

We can help you obtain an E-B5 United States Work Visa. For more information on this visa, please visit this page on our website here.

E-B5 Work Visa United States Investor Visas US Investor Visas for Canadians

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