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LMO Requirements and Compliance for Companies that Hire Foreign Workers

(Below is a transcription of this video) Hi, my name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and founder of Today, I’m going to talk to you about LMO requirements in terms of compliance for employers who hire foreign workers. LMO Requirements and Compliance for Hiring Foreign Workers Very soon, talk is, that the […]

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Approved LMO Application for “speechless” Client from the UK

Hi Shabnam and Michael. I’m speechless, with the shock still setting in. It’ll take me a while to get used to the idea that we may, in the distant future, be changing our nationalities to being happy proud Canadians!      Wow! I know Mimi will be happy, that’s for sure! Also now, I’ve got clarity on the not […]

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What is an LMO?

An LMO is also known as a Labour Market Opinion. It is a component of the Canadian work permit process. There are two parts to obtaining a work permit in Canada. The first is obtaining a Labour Market Opinion, while the second is the work visa application itself. A Labour Market Opinion is essentially permission […]

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Accelerated LMOs Coming Soon to a Canada

  ALMOs are a great thing.They are a fast-track version for applications for Labor Market Opinions.  Service Canada will now process Skilled Workers and some other Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) applications on an accelated basis.  Canadian employers now don’t have to wait months and months to hire a TFW. Canada is getting the message that […]

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Types of Canadian Work Permits for Americans

While countries like the United States have a long list of different types of work visas, Canada primarily has two broad types of work visas: those that require a Labour Market Opinion and those that do not require a Labour Market Opinion. A Labour Market Opinion is sometimes called an LMO or a confirmation from […]

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LMO and Work Permit application updates

Below is an interesting guest post by my colleague Jeff Jiehui Li who actually used to work for me a few years back. Jeff now has is own practice where he assists clients in family, tax, litigation and immigration law. Thank you Jeff for your contribution! __________________ I have recently encountered a number of questions with respect […]

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Is My LMO Legal?

Obtaining an LMO An LMO (Labour Market Opinion) may be a legal necessity for employers who want to hire foreign workers. It essentially proves that there are no qualified Canadian applicants nearby, and allows you to hire foreign workers instead. Not all jobs that hire foreign workers require an LMO, but many do.  The LMO […]

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My LMO Application Was Refused. What went wrong?

Q. My Canadian employer applied for a LMO and Service Canada refused the application. Why did this happen? A.  We get these inquires all the time. Without knowing the details of this case, it is hard to say why the LMO was refused. But here are some tips to avoid getting a refused LMO Application: […]

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Canada: How To Obtain A Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

How to obtain an LMO in Canada An LMO, or Labour Market Opinion, is something that companies must obtain before they can hire a foreign worker. LMOs can be obtained for a specific worker or position, or be a pre-approval for a series of positions. What an LMO does is ensure that there are no […]

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Temporary Foreign Workers In Trouble Because Of Delayed LMOs

Temporary foreign workers’ application renewals being denied According to this article in the Toronto Star, thousands of temporary foreign workers are in danger of having their renewal applications denied, all because of a bureaucratic hiccup. When renewing their temporary foreign worker status, these workers must file an application to renew their temporary foreign worker permit […]

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