Can A Playboy Cover Get Kelly Brook Across The United States Border?

Entering the United States with a Magazine Cover

Apparently, if you are model/actress Kelly Brook, you can simply show United States border officials your Playboy cover to sail through the United States border checkpoint faster and with more ease.
Kelly Brook, a British citizen, is famous for being a television presenter and for being on the television show Smallville and the films The Italian Job and Piranha 3D.

According to Express, a UK news organization, Kelly Brook says, “I hear some people do have issues getting into America. But I just show my playboy issue on the way through customs. Once the officer has a look at the cover, they never hesitate to let me in.”

This doesn’t really seem to be a legitimate claim, and like any foreign national entering the United States Kelly Brook still has to have a valid passport from her country of citizenship.

And, it’s highly doubtful any United States customs officials would risk losing their jobs just to see a real live Playboy model, but it is an interesting story to say the least.


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