Startup Visa Program Launches April 1st 2013 in Canada

The Canadian government announced that the Start-Up Visa will launch on April 1st, 2013. Questions for an immigration lawyer

This means that foreign entrepreneurs can begin to apply for this new visa on that date. This is a new visa that was introduced earlier this year, where immigrants must get funding for their entrepreneurial ventures from certain designated funding groups. This visa is a pathway to permanent residency in Canada, and it is very likely that this visa will become very popular very quickly – so if you want to apply, it would be wise to do so as soon as possible.

New StartUp Visa for entrepreneurs – apply now!

“Canada is open for business to the world’s start-up entrepreneurs,” said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney in a press release. “Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential drivers of the Canadian economy. That is why we are actively recruiting foreign entrepreneurs – those who can build companies here in Canada that will create new jobs, spur economic growth and compete on a global scale – with our new start-up visa.”

If you are interested in applying to immigrate to Canada using this new Start-Up Visa, please contact our immigration law firm for assistance. This is expected to be a competitive visa, so ensure that your application is done right the first time by a professional with Canadian immigration expertise.

Remember, a mistake or omission on your application can easily result in its denial or delay – so speak with a licensed immigration lawyer to ensure you’re qualified and that your application is flawless in advance of your submitting it.


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4 thoughts on “Startup Visa Program Launches April 1st 2013 in Canada

  1. omar Elwan Rizk

    Please , I need to know More .

    Really I’m willing to Move with a sum to Canada and needs to start small entrepreneur over there .

    Thanks In advance .

    1. Michael Niren Post author

      Hello Thomas
      As far as we Know the Startup visa program could be for many different types of businesses. This is a new program so we will see how it plays out. If you are serious about applying for this visa, contact us for help


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