Can I Extend my TN Visa from within the US rather than at the Border?

I am a veterinarian at an Animal Hospital in Hope Mills, North Carolina. I have a TN visa that expires on July 5th. I recently extended my contract to the end of August and would like to extend my TN visa also. Is it possible for me to do this without crossing the border?  Thank you so much.


TN Visas can be renewed without the need to appear at a Port of Entry or Border. You can apply for your TN from within the US at a Service Center that has jurisdiction over where you are located.  However, you should do so before your TN Visa expires otherwise you run the risk of falling out of US status.  When applying for a TN Visa within the US, you have to complete certain government forms in addition to providing the regular documentation such as a US Job offer, your proof of Canadian citizenship and educational documents etc.

It is important that all paperwork is in perfect order as the immigration officer assessing your case will not have to opportunity to interview you in person as would be the case with a TN border application.


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