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US Department of State & Visa Processing Delays

US visa applications have been hindered over the past week after the US State Department’s central computer system used to process passport and visa requests crashed, reducing its operational capacity. In fact, the German soccer legend Rummenigge, 58, was forced to stay out of the United States along with six other players due to visa […]

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Visa Rules change in U.S to hold on to Foreign Talent

The United States has said that they will soon begin allowing spouses of a foreign worker to apply for work visas. This has been done to retain highly skilled people for available jobs in the U.S. This change will affect spouses of those on an H-1B Visa, this allows people to work on a limited-term […]

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Are You a Canadian Resident and Want to Move to the US?

Moving can be very stressful for anyone. Moving to a different country can be even more stressful. There are laws that must be followed when moving to a different country. Of course, there are plenty of forms to fill out, no matter what country you are moving to. If you’re a Canadian is moving to […]

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Three Political Powerhouses Meet in Mexico

President Obama, and his Canadian and Mexican counterparts met in Mexico for a fun filled afternoon while they discussed the Olympics, and took a walk through a beautiful Mexican garden while posing for the cameras. This meeting was not as fun as everyone hoped it would be, there were a series of topics that have […]

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Most U.S Citizens not opposed to Illegal Immigrants

Almost three quarters of Americans say that Immigrants that are living illegally in the U.S should not be kicked out. The support for obtaining full US citizenship is a little different,  46% of U.S citizens say that the illegal immigrants in the U.S should not have an open path to U.S citizenship. A national survey […]

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Refused Entry to Canada?

Have you been denied entry to Canada? Or are you worried about the possibility? Being denied entry can ruin your travel or business plans and cause an undue burned on your finances. The worst situation is when you find out you are inadmissible to Canada, even though you had no idea you were. The fact […]

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How to apply for a TN visa

The TN visa is for Canadian citizens who have a job offer in the United States. The TN can be applied for at the United States border, which makes it an ideal visa for many Canadians. However, the TN visa, though processed very rapidly, is not always easy to obtain. If you do not bring […]

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E-2 visas for the United States

The E-2 United States visa is a highly coveted visa because it gives a work permit for those who can invest in a new or existing US business. Many foreigners love this idea and realize what a great opportunity it provides. The applicant must be from a Country that has a treaty with the United […]

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A Visa for Business Meetings in the US?

You may be asking yourself: Do I need a visa for a business meeting in the United States? If you are a foreign national that is having a business meeting in the US, you may be required to obtain a business visitor visa. This business visitor visa is not a work permit, but a visa […]

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US Retirement Visa for Canadians? Can it be true?

At the moment, there is no retiree visa for the United States – although such a visa it would no doubt be very popular. As it stands now, Canadians who wish to spend time in the United States as retirees cannot stay there year-round.  Canadians who spend their winters in the United States – affectionately […]

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