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H-4 Rule Affecting Employment

In July 2014, we wrote about the proposal of the Department of Homeland Security to grant work authorization to certain H-4 dependents. On February 24, 2015, USCIS Director León Rodrigues announced that as of May 26, 2015, this work authorization will be granted to those eligible that apply. In order to qualify, the principal H-1B worker […]

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H-1B Frenzy

We are in the midst of the H-1B season. April 1, 2015 is when the applications begin to flood the USCIS with the last day to submit being likely within 2 to 4 days afterwards.  Applications are being prepared earlier than ever and with a cap of 65,000 applicants that are permitted per year, it is important […]

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How long can a Canadian stay in the US?

Hi this is Michael Niren immigration lawyer and founder of We are asked, especially during the winter season, how long cans a Canadian stay in the US. How long can a Canadian visit in the US? Well, there’s a real misconception out there and I want to try to clear it up once and […]

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New Visa Regulations Makes the US a Chinese Tourist Destination

The United States and China entered a reciprocal agreement at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit last year that will extend the length of short term business and tourist stays for the citizens of each country. Qualified applicants from China can now obtain multi-entry B-category nonimmigrant visas that are good for up to ten years. This […]

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Time to Start Work on Your H-1B Visa Petition

It’s almost time to submit your petition for an H-1B visa for the 2016 fiscal year which begins on October 1, 2016. Applications will be accepted beginning April 1, 2015 until the cap of 65,000 has been met. Employers and prospective employees should begin the process now if they know they will require an H-1B […]

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A False Sense of Border Security

The GOP has been calling for improved border security which took on a fever pitch since Obama announced his executive action granting amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants last month. Obama’s announcement was a double whammy for the right. By giving a pass to these millions urging them to come out from the cold, Obama […]

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U.S . Customs and Border Protection launched first authorized app

U.S . Customs and Border Protection announced today the launch of the first authorized app to speed up a traveler’s entry process into the United States. The Mobile Passport Control will let travelers submit their passport information and customs declaration form by way of smartphone or tablet before CBP inspection. The app was developed by […]

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Information sharing agreement signed between US and Australia

The Australian and United States governments signed and information-sharing agreement on Wednesday to improve each countries ability to confirm identities of foreign travelers. The agreement for sharing visa and immigration information comes as Australia tightens its border security to prevent. Australian jihadists from joining Islamic state of in Iraq and Syria. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop […]

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US Department of State & Visa Processing Delays

US visa applications have been hindered over the past week after the US State Department’s central computer system used to process passport and visa requests crashed, reducing its operational capacity. In fact, the German soccer legend Rummenigge, 58, was forced to stay out of the United States along with six other players due to visa […]

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Visa Rules change in U.S to hold on to Foreign Talent

The United States has said that they will soon begin allowing spouses of a foreign worker to apply for work visas. This has been done to retain highly skilled people for available jobs in the U.S. This change will affect spouses of those on an H-1B Visa, this allows people to work on a limited-term […]

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