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Our Story

VisaPlace.com was founded over 17 years ago by Michael Niren, an immigration lawyer, who had one mission: “To provide clients with affordable, effective and expeditious immigration solutions.” He started his immigration law firm back in 1997 and grew it to become NIREN AND ASSOCIATES*, an award winning and leading law firm in Toronto.  Niren and Associates has won the Top Choice Awards for the Top Immigration Law firm in Toronto from 2010-2014 and the 2014 Global Mobility Award for Best Immigration Law firm in Canada. Michael and his immigration team are frequently sought after iin the media for the latest immigration developments. During his years of immigration experience, Michael has developed what he considers to be the “best practices and procedures” for Canadian and U.S visa cases.

VisaPlace is backed by the latest technology in immigration case processing and its network of licensed, trained and experienced immigration lawyers represent Michael’s vision of providing the very best, most efficient and cost-effective immigration and visa services available.

Welcome to your VisaPlace Group Lawyers

All our cases are handled by competent and experienced immigration professionals who are affiliated with VisaPlace. These professionals consist of lawyers, licensed paralegals and consultants who work for Niren and Associates* an award winning immigration firm that adheres to the highest standards of client service. Lawyers are all trained to be very responsive and they know how to deal with government officials effectively in order to maximize outcomes for all visa applications.

Why we stand out?

Over 50,000 satisfied clients and going strong

VisaPlace though its lawyers uses advanced technology, a wide range of immigration case management tools, and of course, top talent to ensure that your visa case is handled with the upmost care. With over 50,000 satisfied clients served , we know how to get the job done!

VisPlace lawyers:

  • Have over 30 years of combined experience with over 50,000 cases filed
  • Have a proven track record for handling all U.S. and Canadian visa cases;
  • Are Fully licensed, independent,  award winning U.S. and Canadian lawyers
  • Have Access to the latest technology for easy communication with you

How is your case handled?

VisaPlace Lawyers used the “Approved™” method.

It’s proven, effective and it works!


Our Goal

We know these days, Canadian and U.S. governments have created complicated barriers to entry. Immigration rules and regulations are becoming more and more complex. In order to qualify to relocate to Canada or to the U.S., you must present your case properly to an immigration officer who has the authority to grant or deny your admission.

We have made it our primary goal to assist you towards getting your visa to Canada or to the U.S. And if you are facing removal, we are here to help you resolve your immigration problems.  Our job is to help open the door so that you, your relative, friend or employee can live, work or study in Canada or the US.

 Contact us to book a consultation or use our free online eligibility form here.

*Michael H. Niren Professional Corporation

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