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Will the Cloud Help Immigration Wait Times?

If you’ve applied to immigrate to the US, then you’ve probably become skilled at playing the waiting game. It can take months or even years to immigrate. What if technology could make the process faster? The US government has begun to implement cloud technologies that may speed up application times for green cards and work […]

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Beware! These 3 Things Get People Denied Entry to the US Every Day

Hundreds of thousands of people enter the US through any one of the dozens of ports that dot the country’s lengthy borders. Not everyone who tries to enter is actually allowed in, though. In fact, hundreds of people are turned away at the US border every day. Why? Read on to learn the top three […]

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Your Simple Guide to US Green Card Applications

In the 19th century, the US was known as The Land of Opportunity. Immigrants believed the streets were actually paved with gold after hearing tales of how friends and relatives prospered in the new country. The US still attracts people who want access to greater economic opportunities. An important aspect of today’s immigration process is permanent […]

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This Mistake Costs People Permanent Residence in the United States

  It doesn’t seem fair – you’ve put in time, effort, and probably no small amount of money into applying for and maintaining your legal immigration status in the US. But US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is now saying that you’re not eligible for permanent residency any longer. This isn’t uncommon. Many people make the […]

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Chinese Investor Lawsuits Get Thrown Out

As recently reported by The Globe & Mail – A Federal Court judge has ruled against more than 1,000 wealthy Chinese who tried to immigrate to Canada under the newly terminated Immigrant Investor Program. The inventors then later attempted to seek legal compensation for their inconvenience. Immigrant Investor Law Suits Get Dismissed “[T]here is no […]

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Blogging for Immigration Lawyers: Get Green

Blogging for immigration lawyer is a must. This post is dedicated to my fellow immigration lawyers and immigration practitioners who are increasingly relying on the internet to find prospective clients. These days most of us in one way or the other need to be online to maintain, grow and expand our reach. So I just wanted […]

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Immigrant in U.S Fights To Become A Lawyer

Sergio Garcia, like many others in the U.S arrived here with his family illegally. When he arrived in the U.S  he worked in the field picking almonds with his father. He aspired to be much more and couldn’t see himself picking almonds for the rest of his life, he knew he was able to accomplish […]

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5 Famous People Who Have Had Immigration Problems

The problems often associated with immigration are nothing new and certainly does not exclude those in the spotlight. Here is a list of 5 well documented immigration cases that involved 5 very famous people. John Lennon and Yoko Ono They were served with Deportation papers in 1972. Lennon  should have not been let into the […]

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Top 5 Questions People ask about Canadian Immigration

There are numerous questions one would have regarding Immigration. Whether it is how to fill out an application or how long their application process would take. Here is a list of the top 5 questions we often get: 1. Why Immigrate to Canada? Out of all the countries, why immigrate to Canada? Canada has been […]

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Did Robert DeNiro’s Immigration Jokes Cost Him An Award?

In 2011, Robert DeNiro was honoured with a Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award, which is given to people for a lifetime achievement in the film industry.  During his acceptance speech for the award, he gave us a few jokes about immigration and deportation, including the waitstaff at the event, members of the Hollywood Foreign […]

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