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What is the average EB-5 Visa processing time?

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I have a small business in Asia that is showing signficant growth. I would be very interested in expanding it into the US and have been looking into a EB-5 Visa? Assuming I do qualify, what is the average EB-5 Visa processing time?

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    It’s likely the EB-1 that you are seeking, not the EB-5. The EB-1 (employment based greencard, first preference) can be based for an intracompany transfer for a senior manager or executive. It however, cannot be used for a start-up company and therefore, we normally recommend that a qualified individual starts on L-1 status rather than EB-1 if a) the beneficiary needs to be at the US post on a relatively quick basis, or b) if the US company is still in start-up mode.

    You would be wise to seek a consultation to discuss your specifics.

    Fadi Minawi - Dec 04, 2013 | Reply

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