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What type of work permit/visa is needed for a trained horse specialist?

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My husband is a specialist in training gaited horses. He has had invitations to conduct clinics in the USA but we are unable to find out what type of work permit/visa is needed. Clinics would be 3 – 7 days long, a few times a year. He has a diploma in agriculture but no degree, but has been working in this field for 40years. He is an Equine Consultant and teaches/lectures on many areas of the horse industry. What would be the best avenue to look at for this? He would be paid for this work.

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    There may be a number of categories that your husband can qualify under including possibly (depending on the duties of course) a TN in a consulting capacity. For this, he would require a US petitioner. Otherwise, perhaps expanding a current business in the US or setting up a new business in the US as an E-2 investor may be an option. It would be best to discuss with a professional to get more details and go into your options further.

    Fadi Minawi - Mar 17, 2014 | Reply

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