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Is it easier for Canadians to get a EB-5 visas?

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I want to move to the US and get a permanent status or greencard. I have several businesses and I think I might qualify for the EB-5 Visa. Is it easier for Canadians to qualify for this greencard visa? How much money do I need to make this happen?

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    For anybody considering an EB-5, you would be far better served having a proper consultation to go over all your options. The default investment amount for an EB-5 is $1M, however, depending on the location of the business, this amount may be reduced to $500,000. There are also a number of regional centers that are looking for investors which may qualify you for a green card. Considering that you wrote that you have a number of businesses already, depending on those details, you may qualify for a green card using other paths than an EB-5. Again, you should really consider speaking to a professional with respect to your situation.



    Fadi Minawi - Nov 14, 2013 | Reply

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