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USA Immigration

Hi, I live in London, UK. Basically, i’m from india.. i came to UK to do my MBA, and i finished i finished my MBA, at the moment i’m on Post Study Work Visa (for better understanding it can be called as Work permit). I’m looking to move to USA. I’m interested in IT too. At the moment i’m taking classes on SQL. Could you please suggest me what are the best possible ways that allows me to come and work in USA. I will be so glad if any consultancy or Individual answer my question who are well aware of situations like mine. I will be glad to hear from you..

my e-mail ID: suresh.legacy [at] gmail.com.

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    The possible routes available to you to come to the U.S. under a valid work permit would depend on your qualifications (education and experience). You would also need to obtain a job offer before you would be able to apply for any type of work permit.

    In order to best assess your qualifications, it is recommended that you discuss this with an immigration specialist.

    Laura E. - Apr 04, 2012 | Reply

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    Hi, I am here in Singapore working as a nursing aid in one of homes here. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines since 2009 and had 3 year experience as a staff nurse in a government institution. I come to a decision to cross to Canada as an immigrant there but don’t know what to do

    Ryan laurence Serra - Jun 11, 2012 | Reply

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