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H1b cap exempt or not?

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I was in the US working on H1 visa from 2003-2006. The my H1 was renewed and the the validity of my last i-797 was from Jan 01, 2007 to Dec 31, 2009. However, I exited the US in Dec 2006 and haev been out of the US since Dec 2006. I want to apply for an H1 again.Will I come under the H1 quota or will I be exempt? I also have a Masters degree from the USA.
Please help.

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    Based on the information provided, you will not be exempted from the H-1B cap. However there is a “Masters Cap” for those that graduated from an eligible Masters program in the US to which the first 20000 would be exempted. For more information, please refer to http://www.visaplace.com/usa-immigration/us-work-visas/h-1b-visa-work-permit/



    Fadi Minawi - Mar 10, 2014 | Reply

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