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Canadian visiting US while wating for Green Card

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I have my US Green Card, I will be able to receive my US citizenship in 2014. At that

time I want to apply to sponser my married Son, his wife, and two sons. I have been

advised that it will be a 10 year cue. I have also been advised that he may have

difficulty traveling to the US as a visitor once he makes application. He has worked

for the same firm for 20 years, owns his own home, and both sons will be in school.

What actions can he take to prevent him from being denied entrance to the US as a

visitor during that 10 year period after his application?

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    So long as he can support the notion that he is a temporary visitor for that entry, he should be allowed temporary travel. The onus of proof will be on him to prove this. Demonstrating temporary travel with substantial ties to his home country should help.

    Fadi - Aug 07, 2012 | Reply

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