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Canadian on TN to marry US citizen

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I am a Canadian citizen working in US for several years on TN. I just changed my TN last month because I switched job and I am getting married to a US citizen next month. My fiance and I plan to visit parents overseas after wedding and worry about changing of status afterwards, but I just found out that might not work as I may not be admitted with my TN again when i return. What should I do then? Am I automatically lost my TN after I got married to a US citizen or can I keep my TN? or can I apply for green card? it’s less than 2 months between my new TN and the wedding date and I am worried that could be a problem.


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    The problem you bring up has to do with TN visas being for a “temporary status.” If you plan on marrying, this would bring up the issue of intent, that is, an admitting officer may question whether your entry is truly temporary or whether you have immigrant intentions. If you were to get married to a US citizen and proceeded to enter the US on TN status, you would need to demonstrate that your entry will truly be temporary. This can be difficult. If that is not your intentions, and a person on TN status for example, entered the US with the intentions of adjusting his or her status in the US, that person should be denied entry as there are other means to get permanent residency. Nonetheless, your case does have its complications and it would be best that you seek professional assistance.

    Fadi Minawi - Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

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