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Canadian citizen refused entry to u.s.a

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USA Immigration

I am a Canadian citizen. 11 years ago I was refused entry in to u.s.a. since then I have not tried crossing border. I feel like I am flagged and will not be allowed to enter. About 11 years ago I lost my cruise ticket in one of u.s/Canada Island. I was detained and questioned for 8 hours. After that I was let go, but INS didn’t charge me with any crime. I would like to know if I need an u.s waiver. How can I find out what INS has in their system?  I never committed any crime in u.s or Canada. I heard waivers are for people with criminal record.  

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    A waiver may be required for both criminal reasons and if there are any immigration violations. You should have your circumstances examined by a professional further to determine whether you are admissible or not.

    Fadi - Sep 14, 2012 | Reply

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