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How do I go about getting American citizenship for my sons?

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I am a divorced father, and Canadian citizen, of two boys with an American mother. I currently live in Canada. My questions are the following:

1) Can my boys become US citizens?

2) Do they need the approval of their mother to become US citizens?

3) If not, then how can I go about it?

4) Is there any benefits to duel citizenship?

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    Hi there,

    You would have to ascertain whether US citizenship was transmitted to your sons. An application for a Citizenship certificate can be made at embassies or consulates. If it is determined by their mother’s physical presence in the US that they do qualify, they can then get the certificate indicating as such. What this means is, if they qualify for citizenship transmittal, it would have occurred automatically at the time of their birth – it has nothing to do with their mother’s permission to grant that.

    There is various reasons why individuals would want dual citizenship including the ability to live, work, go to school, etc., in either country.



    Fadi Minawi - Mar 10, 2014 | Reply

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