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Visiting USA while waiting for my Greencard

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I am an Australian Citizen. I applied for Green card while in USA visiting my family. I stayed there for one year until I received my Approval . I then returned to Australia waiting for my interview and the actual card. I need to go to USA again. Can I go and enter the USA while waiting for my Green card? Australian citizens are under visa waiver program and do not need visa to enter USA.  I have called all immigration departments in Australia and USA and no one seems to know the answer.

Anyone out there has a clue?

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    The first thing you need to find out is whether or not your Green Card application is still valid as the USA stipulates that you must remain in the country while your application is in progress. Since you have exited the country, you may have to re-apply.

    If the application is still valid then see below:

    Although you are normally “visa exempt” in this case however because you have an application for permanent residency in the USA pending and you are entering the country as a visitor only, it would be better for you to obtain a temporary resident visa. This will prove to the officer that you intend to stay as a visitor only, until such time that your Green Card is granted.

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    Amber G. - Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

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