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In Europe I am isolated and deprived of rights!

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First I want to introduce myself …
I’m Pavel from Bulgaria.
I am thirty years old .
I am a former graduate, Bulgaria, ie, round orphan.
I have not tried and I am a clean sheet !
I have problems in Europe and I have no rights !
My problem is, I explain;
In Bulgaria, I was attacked because I am involved in gay porn movies.
I am with orientation, bisexual.
Social my situation is very difficult.
In Europe I am isolated and deprived of rights!
I do not want to go a bad road, to become a criminal and want to live normally.
I would want to give up on European citizenship!

I do not want to live in Europe …
So, please help from America and Canada!
I look and I hope for your help ..



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    In order to best assess your situation, it is best that you contact a qualified immigration specialist.

    alicia - May 18, 2012 | Reply

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