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Family Regroupment Visa

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In regards to applying for a Family Regroupment Visa:

How distant can the relatives be?  My grandmother’s cousin, along with her 2 daughters and and of her daughter’s children would be interested in applying for a Family Regroupment Visa.

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    Unfortunately, with rigidly few exceptions, distant relatives, such as aunts / uncles, cousins, and grandparents cannot be sponsored for a green card. Even U.S. citizens cannot petition for these relatives. It may be possible to invite them for a temporary visit on a visitor’s visa, depending upon whether they have sufficient ties to their respective home countries to show that they have no immigrant intent.

    However, they may be sponsored under the employment-based preference categories if the sponsoring relative owns a business or is able to find employment for the foreign national relative.

    alicia - Aug 07, 2011 | Reply

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