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Citizenship elegibility – proof of residence?

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In 2002, my father received his US permanent residence card.  Since then, he has traveled outside of the states for 238 days in 2003 and another 340 days in 2006, with INS permission.  Each trip was longer than 180 days but less than the one year limit.

According to the n-400 form, he is required to submit proof of residence when applying for citizenship when there have been trips that lasted longer than 180 days since becoming a permanent resident.  As a 70-year-old, he is not working and lives with me.  What proof should he submit?


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    Hi John! Your father may submit records of past employments or past income tax returns if any, and copies of his boarding passes, airline tickets, old and new passports showing stamps, and other travel documents showing the dates of his travels abroad and his return to the US since he became a permanent resident.

    It might be best for your father to discuss his situation with a licensed immigration professional, as the evidence will be very unique to this matter.

    Jenny B. - May 30, 2012 | Reply

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