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B2 visas and transit visas

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Next month, my family plans to visit me in the US.  Each of them has a valid B2 visitor visa and they are traveling from India.  While looking into booking flights, we learned that most of the flights stop over in Europe.

If they are stopping in different European cities, and maybe changing flights, do they require transit visas?  Will they need a transit visa when they are making their way to the States or back to India?

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    Most people who are going to or coming from a valid visa do not require a transit visa. However, during your intermediate international stop over, if you have sufficient time and you want to tour the city, you may apply for transit visa at the airport.

    The requirements vary depending on each country and some countries require that you have a stop over of minimum of 24 hours to grant you a transit visa.

    alicia - Nov 26, 2011 | Reply

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