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What is immigration through Expression of Interest?

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I have heard of this new means of immigration called Expression of Interest. What is it and can it be applied to for those seeking employment in other countries besides North America?

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    Hello there, thank you for your post. Expression of Interest (EOI) is a fantastic new program introduced by CIC and it works in two steps.

    Prospective immigrants would indicate their interest in coming to Canada by providing information electronically about their skills, work experience and other attributes. Individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria will have their “expressions of interest” placed in a pool and ranked against others already in the pool. CIC would only invite the best candidates, including those with in-demand skills or with job offers, to apply for a visa. Expressions of interest that are not chosen after a period of time may be removed from the pool. As a result, application backlogs would not accumulate and processing times will be kept to a minimum.

    CIC will also assess applicants on a variety of other factors such as education, work experience and language ability – with a greater emphasis on the ever-changing needs of the Canadian labour market.

    Fill out our free assessment today for more information about this program, eligibility and our highly skilled Canadian team, which I personally work for, will be pleased to assist you and keep you updated with changes and news about this program as CIC implements it.


    Anisa Dattu - May 01, 2014 | Reply

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