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Need Help! Can I Fly to Canada with a DUI on My Record?

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Help! I need some GOOD advice!

My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Montreal (I have ALWAYS wanted to go!), he got plane tickets, hotel reservations, theatre seats, the whole nine yards.

I made a serious mistake a couple years back (that he doesn’t know about!!) and have a DUI on my record (long story). I have been researching flying to Canada with a DUI on the internet and have been hearing HORRIBLE things and lots and lots of conflicting information!

Can you tell me if I can fly to Canada with a DUI?

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    Hello Britt

    Thank you for your question.
    If you have a DUI conviction you will likely require a special permit to enter Canada, called a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).

    People with DUI charges who wish to enter Canada, depending on when they were, should consider applying for a TRP. A TRP, if approved, will allow you to enter Canada for the duration of the TRP usually up to 6 months. You can always apply for a new TRP in the future should you wish to reenter Canada.

    With respect to your DUI charge, you will have to obtain your court documents to show the details of the charge. In addition you should provide 3 letters of reference of good moral character, why you wish to enter the Canada, the duration and proof that there is no risk of re-offending. If you are American, you can apply for a TRP right at the Canadian border but that comes with some risks. You could be turned away. The best bet is to apply for your TRP at a Canadian consulate. However, that process could take a number of months. Therefore you should plan ahead. Generally my advice is to seek professional assistance for DUI entry cases in order to maximize your chances of admission to Canada. For more information about DUI entry to Canada you can visit some of our blogs on the topic. We did a blog on how to get into Canada with a DUI and another one on being denied entry to canada with a DUI charge.

    I hope this helps

    Michael Niren - Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

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