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I was Denied Entry to Canada!

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Hello there,

I am a United States citizen and I was refused entry at the Canadian border. The agent told me that they didn’t believe that I would return to the US. I am dating a Canadian woman and I am very distraught that I have been denied entry to Canada. I am looking for information on how to properly handle this situation. Any advise would be much much appreciated.

Thank you!


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    Hello Deepak
    Thank you for your question. Many people get denied entry to Canada due to failure to show sufficient ties to their home country–in your case the US. If you have a relative or loved one in Canada, this issue becomes even more critical. Therefore when crossing the border, you should always have documentation that shows ties such as employment records, property, family information etc. The more documentation you can provide the better.
    Most people get denied to Canada due to a criminal conviction in which case they would require a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). In you case if you do not have a criminal record then you would not require a TRP likely. For more information about denied entry to Canada you can visit our main website page on it. I hope this helps

    Michael Niren - Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

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