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Work Experience and WES Evaluation Credentials

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Canadian Immigration

dear sir
(applying for skilled migration)
i am graudate from university of wales united kingdom MBA(taught in college based in london called lsbf)and part qualified ACCA.
i recently got my credentials evalauted from WES master degree from university of wales MAsters and my part qualified acca degrees as well,

the WES returned with the equalvalancy certificate(of masters in canada)remarking my masters degree is from university of wales united kingdom
taught by lsbf(london school of business and finance)which is not recognised college.
although my degree is relevant and recognized,would this effect my application?

also they only recongnized my acca degree as one year diploma ,would this also effect my application without the proper 16 to 17 years education confirmation or is wES masters equaivalncy certificate is enough to say i am graduate.

2)i have one year work experience paid and 1 year experience unpaid,i want to claim more points on this,if i show them i have 2 years work paid experience ,would they ask for 6 months bank statement showing my salary coming in?

3)also my mother is givig me money to show in the bank statement,i hope a bank letter saying that i have this amount of funds in my bank account would that be enough?

please do answer this long question and i am sure many of us here would be in the same dilemna and would benefit from your experienced answer

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