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Transplanting Canadian employees to the US

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We are a Canadian based business and wishes to transfer one of our US employees from Utah to our head office in Vancouver permanently. How would we do this?

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    Hello thanks for the question.
    If you wish to transfer one of you employees over to the Canada you can do so by applying for an inter-company transfer work visas. This work visa is a Canadian work visa under NAFTA. To qualify for the work visa, the employee of a foreign company eg. A US company, has to have worked for that company for at least one year and hold the position of executive, manager, or persons of specialized knowledge.

    These work visas are not always easy to get. These visas can be issued for a number of years but your employee has to have the qualifications as well as the company. There has to be an established “corporate relationship” between the companies so its essential that documentation showing this is provided. Since the prospective employee is American, he or she can apply for the Visa right at the Canadian border and be issued the permit right away. Of course if the employee has any criminal record or past immigration history that could be an issue.

    There is presently no cap or limited number of these NAFTA visas that can be issued. Note also that even if your employee is not an American, an application for this work visa can be made but this time at a Canadian Embassy. Processing this way will take longer –in some cases more than a month so you have to plan in advance. Once the person gets the visa, then he or she can apply for a Social Insurance Number at Service Canada and register as an employee at the Canadian company. The employee can travel back and forth between countries on this visa as it is multiple entry. The employee can bring his or her spouse and possibly have that spouse get a work visa as well. Children who are dependent can go to school.

    I hope I have answered your questions. For more information, you can visit our website at http://www.visaplace.com

    Michael Niren - Oct 01, 2013 | Reply

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