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What are the next steps after a CEC refusal?

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I met all the requirements stated on the CIC website for Canadian Experience Class but my application was refused. What is my next step? I was hoping to begin a new life in Canada, but this may not occur.

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    Hi there, thank you for your inquiry. Rest assured that you have options available to you for your CEC refusal.

    When applications for Canadian immigration are submitted, an immigration officer reviews the application and decides on whether it should be approved or denied. The officer uses specific guidelines for making decisions on immigration cases. These guidelines are found in the Immigration Regulations as well as Immigration Manuals.

    Your main option for a CEC refusal is to appeal it. For whatever reason that your application was refused you must act quickly.It is therefore important that you contact a qualified immigration law firm to quickly assess your case and outline your options without delay.

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    Anisa Dattu - Mar 24, 2014 | Reply

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