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Renewing PR card with no old passport copies

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Canadian Immigration

I am a Permanent resident in Canada and due to renew my PR card in a few months. In the application, they request copied of old passport while all what i have is my new passport which covers last 2 year since my old passport was lost. I have a wife and kids living in canada. My kids go toschool and are Canadians by birth. I am self employed and have a leased apartment but no car or any other assets in canada. I have been visiting the doctor frequently in the pat 3 years.

My question is: how hard will it be to renew my Pr card if I lost my old passport? I need to travel in a few months due to emergency and i am worried lack of old passport my complicate or delay my PR renewal. Any advise pls?

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    Hi and thank you for your question

    We can appreciate that you would be concerned about this.

    Being unable to provide your old passport (showing entry to Canada and exits from Canada) could cause delays in processing your application. This is because immigration officers will have to verify whether you have met the residency requirements in another way before they issue you a new PR card.

    You should include very strong supporting documentation when you submit your PR Card renewal application, to prove your physical presence in Canada during this time period.

    You should consult with an immigration expert to determine what evidence and documents you should submit so as to avoid delays in processing your application, and avoid possible refusal in issuing a new PR card

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Steven Snider - Feb 09, 2014 | Reply

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